SMOK Baby Prince Extension Glass 4.5ml

4.5ml Extension Glass for the Smok Baby Prince Tank 

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Smok Baby Prince 4.5ml Extension Glass

This durable Pyrex extension bulb is designed to increase the e-liquid capacity of some of Smok’s most popular tanks from 2ml to a more generous and long-lasting 4.5ml.

Ideal for use with the TFV8 Baby, the Brit Mini and the TFV12 Baby Prince tanks, this extension glass provides an affordable and seemingly-minor upgrade for your e-cigarette setup which actually makes a huge difference. This glass bulb will keep you juiced-up with your favourite e-liquid for longer than ever before, dramatically reducing the need to refill the tank and the risk of running out of e-liquid while you’re out and about.



1 x Smok Baby Prince 4.5ml Extension Glass


Specifications: Material: Pyrex / E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5ml

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