JUUL Basic Pod Kit Limited Edition Silver

The JUUL Pod Starter Kit provides a unique approach to vaping by using prefilled pods over e-liquid. 

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Pod Vape Starter Kit by JUUL

The pod system market has been revolutionised by the innovative JUUL kit, which burst onto the e-cigarette scene earlier this year and completely changed the practise of vaping. It’s simple, uncluttered user interface and satisfying vapour delivery brings accessible vaping to the mainstream and proves that you don’t need to be clued-up with intricate vaping knowledge to kick your smoking habit for good. The JUUL’s success might also be attributed to the fact that the design and delivery of nicotine doesn’t stray too far from a conventional cigarette, instead offering a discreet and streamlined alternative to the bulky kits which tend to dominate the market.

This limited-edition version of the JUUL features all the same impressive specifications as the original in a stunning, sleek silver finish. You can still expect to find a powerful built-in 280mAh battery and inhale activation, as well as a USB charging port and an LED light which indicates current battery status.

The stylish silver JUUL is fully compatible with the original JUUL pods, which contain 2ml of 20mg e-liquid in four flavours: Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Apple Orchard and Royal Crème. Each pod should last roughly 200 puffs, which is the equivalent of approximately 20 tobacco cigarettes.


Technical Details:

Height: 95mm
Width 15mm
Battery Size: 280mAh

What's in the Box?

1 x Version 3 Silver JUUL Device
1 x USB Charger
User Manual

About JUUL

JUUL are a refreshingly-unique company with an equally refreshing ethos. Not only are their attentions directed solely to providing an alternative for adult smokers, but they are committed to providing their customers with detailed scientific research so that they can make their own informed decisions regarding vaping – free from the often-aggressive marketing tactics seen with other manufacturers. JUUL’s concern for public health underpins their entire mission, which might help to explain the phenomenal success of their breakthrough product, the JUUL closed pod system. The device is revolutionising the pod market thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, and bold flavours.