What are the benefits of vaping over smoking cigarettes?

The most important reason to quit smoking and switch to vaping as quickly as possible is quite simple: smoking has been proven to be severely damaging to your health.

Smoking is the biggest cause of cancer in the world and the evidence is undeniable.

Extensive research has shown that smoking causes at least fifteen different types of cancer and is responsible for seven in ten cases of lung cancer in the UK alone. By quitting, you are effectively increasing your chances of a longer, healthier life and significantly reducing your chances of developing smoking-related diseases later on in life.

Switching to vaping will not only help you stop smoking, but it will help you remain a non-smoker for good!

Within two to twelve weeks of quitting, your blood circulation drastically improves which aids healthy cardiovascular activity and promotes easier breathing. Your immune system will also enjoy a boost and you will find it easier to fight off colds and flu. An increase of oxygen in the body will help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

The biggest hurdle that makes quitting so difficult is nicotine addiction, as sudden nicotine withdrawal can increase feelings of stress and cause drastic mood swings. Therefore, quitting cigarettes ‘cold turkey’ without any smoking cessation aid is extremely hard and actually has a lower success rate than switching from cigarettes to vaping.

With vaping, you can quit smoking cigarettes but still intake an appropriate amount of nicotine to reflect your current habit. You can then work your way down the nicotine levels until you reach 0mg – effectively kicking the addiction with least amount of stress possible.

The cost of vaping in comparison to smoking is far less, which could also be a very attractive factor in swaying your decision to quit (check out our cost comparisons blog to see just how much you could save!).

Your sense of smell and taste will get a boost because the hundreds of toxic chemicals in cigarettes will no longer dull those senses. You may notice that your breath is fresher and your teeth are whiter thanks to the elimination of tobacco and its staining effect on your teeth.

Stopping smoking has also been found to slow skin ageing (especially facial skin), as healthy skin comes from receiving more nutrients due to increased oxygen levels.

However, as we mentioned previously it is extremely hard to give up smoking cold turkey with no help whatsoever from smoking cessation aids, and most smokers do not succeed in quitting for good with this method.

Vaping can help you quit with less stress, a better mindset and an overall better chance of quitting for good.

In summary, the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping are as follows:

- Improved cardiovascular health

- Improved sense of smell and taste

- Better mood and reduced stress

- Longer life span

- Easier breathing

- Significant cost reduction

- Nicotine intake control

- Whiter teeth

- Fresher breath

- Younger looking, healthier skin.

For more information on how e-cigarettes and vaping affect your body and health, check out our blog below.