5 Premium E-Liquids To Try

Looking for a new premium e-liquid to try? Find out more about five of the best fruity and sweet e-liquid flavours on offer at VapeStore.

With so many options for e-liquids out there, it can be hard to know which ones to go for. Whether you’re feeling confused about what to try, or want to find a delicious new e-liquid to vape with, our overview of popular premium e-liquids will help you out.

Pure Evil

A range of sub-ohm maximum VG concoctions made in the UK, the Pure Evil e-liquids are perfect for people who want to experience full flavours when they vape. Better yet, the collection has been designed to help you produce some serious vapour.

The first collection from Pure Evil was aptly named the 7 Deadly Sins, and features some decadent flavours. Think 'Lust', with sweet strawberry and custard tones, 'Gluttony' with indulgent vanilla, or spiced apple 'Envy'. Wicked new flavours include 'Silent Pool' with sour lemon hints, and the intense fusion of blackcurrant, aniseed and menthol that makes up 'Black Crack'.

Ruthless E-juice

The Californian team behind Ruthless E-juice have a culinary background, so taste and flavour are pretty much guaranteed. Their juices are appreciated around the world, and there's a great range of flavours on offer. The ‘Grape Drank’ e-liquid blends grape candy and grape soda flavours, for a deliciously smooth treat, while ‘EZ Duz It’ mixes strawberry and watermelon for a refreshing vape flavour. However, one of the most popular flavours in the Ruthless E-juice range is the moreish ‘Menage A Trois’ e-liquid, which tastes of a creamy raspberry creme brulee cheesecake.

Beard Vape Co.

A family run business based in L.A., the Beard Vape Co. has gone from strength to strength since it started in 2014. Their range of e-liquids flavours have each been thoroughly taste-tested before launch.

No. 5 is a New York style strawberry cheesecake blend, made for people with a sweet tooth. No. 32 is based on another American dessert classic, a cinnamon funnel cake, and is perfect for everyday vaping. People who prefer a bit of a kick will love one of their newer e-liquids, No 71, which tastes of sweet and sour sugar peach.

Pocket Fuel

Another fantastic UK e-liquid specially made for sub-ohm vaping is Pocket Fuel. Their gourmet range includes a variety of flavours that satisfy cravings, whether they are for something sweet or smooth. Fans of sweets will love the Blueberry Pancakes and Cherry Pie e-liquids, while their Menthol Mist and Summer Cooler flavours give a cool, smooth kick.

Wick Liquor

Another of the best e-liquid makers in the UK for people looking for a premium vaping experience is Wick Liquor. Stylish, simple, and delicious, their range is small but perfectly formed. The Wick Liquor ‘Boulevard’ e-liquid is a delicious fruit punch fortified with Malibu Loganberry pulp, while their ‘Deja Voodoo’ mix blends Santa Barbara coconut husk with sweet Chula Vista sugar cane. One of their most popular flavours is definitely the delicious ‘Carnival’ blend of Santa Monica glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cake.

There are many more delicious premium e-liquids available to try, and the rising popularity of e-cigarettes means there’s more choice than ever before — shop for the best in premium e-liquids at Vapestore.