Focus on: Liquorice Fruits

Half the fun of vaping is discovering delicious new e-liquids, and with so many new brands launching there's no shortage of flavours to choose from.

Liquorice Fruits is a new e-liquid brand that sub-ohm vapers will love. It's a carefully curated range of four delicious flavours that keep things sweet.

Style meets substance

The first thing you'll notice about Liquorice Fruits is the colourful, unique packaging. Flavours are easy to identify by colour and their eye-catching range means they're sure to stand out.

If you love liquorice Black Jacks then start with Blue Raspberry. You get the nostalgic taste of liquorice mixed with blue slushie, giving you something new and totally unique. It's refreshing, sweet and tangy - perfect for grownups with a sweet tooth. This is a high-VG formula, meaning it's designed to give sub-ohm vapers some serious cloud.

If you want something a little more exotic, Lemon Coconut is a great option. It's got a blend of tangy citrus, plus smooth, exotic coconut. A liquorice kick puts the finishing touches on this e-liquid. It's nothing like you've ever tried before and manages to be both complex and delicious at the same time. Each blend comes in a multipack with three 10ml bottles - meaning you can travel light on the go and keep a stash at home to top you up when you start to run low.

If you like the sweet, deep taste of berry, Blackcurrant Menthol is well worth your time. It's a mouth-watering burst of fresh blackcurrant, followed by the cooling taste of menthol and all brought together by its heady, liquorice finish. Its distinctive taste has made it an instant fan-favourite with many. Each of the Liquorice Fruit flavours also comes with a choice of 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths so you can choose your favourite based on preference.

If cooling menthol is a favourite but you want something with a tangy bite, Raspberry Menthol is the answer. This fruity e-liquid blends tangy raspberry with the cooling flavour of menthol, then pairs it with spicy liquorice. The result is a sophisticated spin on two much-loved e-liquid flavours.

Behind the brand

Liquorice Fruits brings a delightfully nostalgic take on popular e-liquid flavours, creating a range that's packed with unique and intense flavour for sub-ohm setups.

It's the latest range from Vapour Labs, the UK-based industry leaders who are responsible for bestsellers like Pure EvilPocket FuelDouble Drip and The Coffee House.

Each flavour is made using the highest-quality ingredients and thoroughly tested to give you e-liquid flavours that taste great and offer great value for money, too.