Focus On: Innokin

We go in-depth with pioneering brand Innokin, taking a look at their history, current products, and what’s coming up for this fantastic vaping company.

History of Innokin

In 2011, Innokin was set up with the aim of creating innovative, designer hardware of exceptional quality. Based in a huge 10,000m2 factory in China’s Shenzhen, Innokin prides itself on its technical advancements and unique products.

Innokin has an amazing 71 design patents, 61 processing patents, and 40 patents for utility models. This makes them international leaders in design and innovation. The company also strives to uphold strict standards, so its products and company adhere to industry certifications including ISO9001, ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, and FCC among others.

Innokin put ease of use, reliability, style and functionality of their hardware at the top of its agenda. From their state of the art headquarters, Innoken currently design a range of internationally popular e-cigarette brands; Innokin iTaste, iClear, Gladius, Innokin Cool Fire, Lily, iSub, Innokin Endura and Innokincell.

Innokin Products

If you’re new to vaping, the sleek Innokin Endura T18-E Vape Kit is just the thing for you. The Endura’s easy-fill twist top tank holds 2ml of e-liquid, the 1.5ohm coil gives perfect vapour production, and you’ll get a clean taste when you vape. The stainless steel and Perspex design of the Innokin Endura makes it perfect for your pocket or bag, while the 1000mAh battery is long lasting and easy to charge.

The Innokin iTaste Kroma Slipstream Starter Kit is a popular piece of hardware from these excellent makers. The iTaste Kroma kit has a slipstream tank with a 2ml capacity and top airflow system, temperature control features, and a range of safety features to protect against overheating.

The beautiful and stylish Innokin Cool Fire 4 Box Mod is clever, compact and strong. The Cool Fire 4 features a powerful 2000mAh battery, variable wattage and voltage, an OLED display, a battery level indicator, and over-discharge and short circuit protection. It comes in a variety of cool colours like blue, red, black and silver, and provides a safe and smooth vape.

Sub-ohm vapers will find the Innokin Cortex 80w Box Mod Kit a pleasure to use. The highly efficient Innokin Cortex is easy to use and designed to give you a great vape, with a 4.5ml top-filling tank to hold lots of e-liquid and prevent spillage, a highly accurate temperature control, ultra low external heat generation, dry hit detection and protection, and lots of other adjustable features.

The Innokin iTaste 143 is a light and compact version of the Innokin iTaste, which comes with two different bodies that you can change to house either a 18350 or 18500 high drain battery. The Innokin iTaste has a variable wattage between 7-12.5watts, a battery level indicator, and is made of cool stainless steel.

What’s new?

As pioneers in the vaping field, Innokin are always coming up with new and innovative designs to thrill vapers, from beginners to pros alike.

One of their latest creations is the high-wattage sub-ohm Scion tank, which has an airflow design made for big flavour and cloud chasing. Made in sleek stainless steel and pyrex glass with an easy top-fill, it’s set to be an affordable, superior piece of vaping kit.

Innokin regularly post news about their products along with cool competitions on its Facebook page, and connects with fans on social media and at worldwide expos. You can be sure there will be lots more to hear from this inventive vaping company as it celebrate its 6th birthday this year.