Focus On: Ohm Baked E-liquids

Looking for something super sweet for your sub-ohm? Check out the Ohm Baked range of taste bud-tantalising short fill e-liquids. Simply add your nicotine shot to the short fill bottle and satisfy your sweet cravings... without the calories.

Sweet treats galore

The bright, candy coloured packaging of Ohm Baked e-liquids hints at the sugary flavours inside. The range is inspired by classic British puddings and flavours straight from the local bakery.

The Cherry Bakewell e-liquid is probably the sweetest in the range, with juice cherries perfectly complemented by delicious almond sponge. There’s a hint of raspberry jam and icing sugar to top it all off.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the traditional taste of the Apple & Rhubarb Crumble e-liquid. Crisp green apples mingle with tangy rhubarb, and the buttery golden crumb finish brings this crumble inspired juice to life.

For something a little bit fruity, the Apricot Passion Fruit Roulade is tangy and syrupy. Plus the pastry finish makes you feel all warm and fluffy inside.

Chocoholics can indulge their cravings with the dreamy, creamy Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream e-liquid. It’s a decadent mix of gooey brownie and tasty vanilla ice cream.

For sophisticated desert fans, the Orange Almond Tart e-juice provides a grown-up flavour of glazed oranges and sweet almonds.

Behind the brand

Ohm Baked is the brilliant invention of UK-based Double Drip. The company decided to indulge the nation’s sweet tooth with this range of scrumptious new liquids, inspired by Britain’s favourite and most timeless puddings.

Located in Surrey, the imaginative e-liquid brand reportedly did a bunch of taste testing of actual puddings to get their flavours just right. All in a hard day’s work, right guys?!