Focus on: VGOD

VGOD are known for being makers of premium e-liquids for the discerning vapers out there, and their latest piece of hardware is designed to help people vape like professionals.

But what makes this distinguished brand special?

VGOD E-Juice

VGOD have a reputation for making excellent e-juice. The VGOD e-liquids are made with the best ingredients available, all locally sourced in their native Southern California. The e-liquids are also made to a consistently high standard, in order to give vapers a quality vaping experience. They come in a range of nicotine levels, so can be enjoyed whether you’re cutting down or cutting out tobacco in favour of e-cigarettes.

The range is maximum VG which means that VGOD e-juice is especially suited for people who enjoy cloud chasing. They are perfect if you enjoy doing smoke tricks too, or want to get started!

Smooth and sweet flavours are the order of the day for VGOD. Fans of watermelon will love their Luscious e-liquid as well as the LushIce flavour, which is made for hot days and nights.

VGOD’s Tornad-o e-liquid has a hint of fruity breakfast cereal and milk, while their Vngel e-juice is a perfect hit of strawberry milk.

One of the tarter flavours in the VGOD e-juice range is Blue Dream, which combines sweet blueberries and tangy citrus. Finally, their tasty Dewbie e-liquid mixes custard and cream with honeydew melon for a smooth flavour.

VGOD Hardware

As well as their cloud chucking e-liquids, VGOD have become known for their amazing e-cigarette hardware.

As with their e-juice, the VGOD hardware has been designed by vapers, for vapers.

The VGOD Trick Tank is the perfect way to create huge clouds, and (as the name suggests) it’s a firm favourite with people who like to trick with their vape, making clouds and popping O’s that you can push, bend, split, and shape.

It’s quick to get the VGOD Trick Tank going, as there’s little ramp up time compared to other vape tanks. It benefits from a great sized reservoir for your e-liquid, an easy opening/closing top, a pressure top seal, a drip tip shield, increased airflow and easy coil replacement. There’s even enough space between the glass and the chimney to fit a dripper.

The VGOD Trick Tank Pro RDTA is a rebuildable drip tank atomizer which is made for the serious vapers out there, as well as the trickers. Made from stainless steel, it has a self-wicking tank, bottom draw airflow, and driptip shield, and helps make e-liquids taste even better.

Made from carbon fibre and stainless steel, the VGOD Pro 150 box mod is an exceptional piece of hardware at the top end of the vaping scene. The lightweight box is capable of 150 watt clouds and a minimum resistance of 0.07ohms, and charges fast over USB.

Finally, for the absolute hardcore vaping connoisseurs out there, there’s the VGOD Pro Mech box mod. This is really something – gold plated battery contact, billet copper construction and just 24mm diameter, it’s a limited mechanical mod that’s only for the serious.