The newest iteration of Smok's groundbreaking Pod Kit, the Smok Nord 2 improves on the original in every way

If you look at any big development in vaping over the last few years, chances are Smoktech got there first. And if they didn’t, a new Smok kit was only seconds behind, redefining and improving a niche so that their kit became the definitive device. Think of the Smok Species for sub-ohm kits, or the Smok Stick pen-style kit and Priv for starter kits, to name just a few.

But when pod kits exploded onto the scene, drawing vapers to their compact style, versatility and simplicity, there was really only one kit that anyone was talking about. The Smok Nord pod kit.

That slim, sleek slice of vaping heaven captured the hearts of millions of vapers, spawning countless imitators. For a company that is always innovating, however, we knew it wouldn’t take long to see a new improved Nord from Smoktech. Fortunately, the wait is over and the new Smok Nord 2 is everything you love about the original with some terrific improvements made where it matters most.

What's in the Box:

1x Nord 2 Pod Device

1x RPM Pod With RPM Mesh Coil 0.4ohm (2ml)

1x Nord Pod With Nord DC MTL Coil 0.8ohm (2ml)

1x Micro USB Cable

1 User Manual


Size: 95x30.5x20mm

Output Power Range: 1-40W

Built-in 1500mAh Battery

Resistance Range: 0.3-3.0ohm

69 Inch OLED Display

Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V

Standby Current: <50uA

Charging: DC5V/1.2A

Single Button Easy Operation

Micro USB Port For Charging


The classic Nord pod kit design is all about simplicity and that’s carried over to the latest version. The same smooth corners and rounded lozenge shape remains, although you’ll find the Nord 2 just a little but thicker than before to house a vastly improved battery capacity (more on that in a moment.) This makes little difference, and even arguably makes the new Nord that little bit more comfortable to grip than before.

The Nord 2 comes emblazoned in a variety of eye-catching designs, from understated black through white, wood effect and shimmering rainbow panels. Externally, the Nord 2 goes for plastic over fancier materials like zinc alloy, but this just lends it a smooth tactility that makes it a pleasure to use. And at 95mm tall, the Nord 2 is as pocketable as before and even, remarkably, weighs a gram less than the original.

The Mod

Perhaps the most significant departure from the original Nord is with the Nord 2’s dramatically improved battery. It now has a whopping 1400mAh capacity, about 400mAh more than its predecessor, virtually guaranteeing all-day longevity. For a device this size, that’s pretty amazing.

New too, is the addition of a variable wattage function over the original’s three power modes, enabling you to dial up or down to find the best wattage for the coil you use and style you vape. To assist this, the Nord 2 now boasts a 0.69inch OLED screen so you can see what wattage you’re using along with battery charge, puff counter and resistance.


With a new output of up to 40w, there can be no doubt that the new Nord 2 provides that extra versatility the original lacked. With several safety features baked into the Nord 2’s advanced chipset, as well as the ability to intelligently detect the coil you’re using and match the correct wattage, the new Nord 2 mod is easily the most complete Nord yet.

A single button turns the device on/off with five clicks, and three clicks activates wattage adjustment which can be fine-tuned with single clicks or held to climb rapidly through the output level.

The Pods

The now iconic wide lipped ‘duck-billed’ pods of the Smok Nord bring superior comfort to a seamless design. On the new Nord 2, they’re just a little wider but every bit as comfortable to use as before. The kit provides two kinds of pods: one for use with the Nord Coils and one for use with the Smok’s RPM coils. The difference is a matter of the size of the hole the coils easily ’plug’ into and which coil is indicated on the rubber seal, but it speaks to the new Nord’s versatility that this is a device built to tailor precisely to the way you want to use it.

Despite having air vents on the pod, however, the Nord 2 doesn’t offer airflow control. This is more than compensated for by the largest selection of coils available to any pod kit on the market. With every coil across the Nord and RPM lines offering a distinctly different experience in terms of draw, flavour intensity and cloud production, a little experimentation will help you achieve exactly the kind of airflow you prefer.

The Coils

Where the original Nord limited you to using just the Nord’s own coils, the Nord 2 opens up a realm of possibilities with the ability to use the coils from the RPM range as well as the Nord coils. So, whereas the Nord was mostly a great mouth-to-lung (MTL) kit, the extra options provided by the RPM coils mean you can take the Nord 2 into direct-to-lung (DTL) sub-ohm territory for some truly incredible clouds while still enjoying the remarkable flavour. It’s pretty much the best of all worlds in a device not much bigger than a cigarette lighter. (Learn more about MTL and DTL vaping here.)


For all-day use, the Smok Nord 2 easily beats it closest rival – the original Nord pod kit – in terms of flavour, clouds and versatility. Using the enclosed 0.8ohm coil delivered an incredible MTL vape that was smooth and flavoursome, and using the adjustable wattage we could put some serious power through the coil for even more flavour. The enclosed RPM 0.4ohm coil on the other hand would appeal to any restricted DTL-style vapour, with rich voluminous clouds and pin-sharp flavour.

Having that extra battery capacity makes a huge difference in everyday use too, as a full charge easily lasted us throughout a long and busy day.

Should I upgrade from the Smok Nord to the Smok Nord 2?

There’s no doubt the original Smok Nord remains a game-changing pod kit, combining great performance in a simple, compact device. But the improvements and additions to the new Smok Nord 2 can’t help but make it the more attractive device for anyone that loves the simplicity of the original but is looking for more control and customisation. That extra power lifts the Smok Nord 2 to the beefy heights of more advanced Pod Mod kits, as does the new OLED screen and smarter chipset. Where the Smok Nord 2 really shines, though, is with the facility to use any of the coils across Smok’s Nord and RPM ranges, meaning there’s virtually no limit to the different types of vaping experience you can get out of the kit.