Review: Smok Trinity Alpha Kit  

Smok’s Trinity Alpha all-in-one pod kit is the perfect embodiment of the current leaning towards compact, boxy kits in the vaping world. This style of kit was made popular by Lost Vape’s Orion series and can be seen with models such as the Orion DNA kit and Orion Q kit – both of which are small but sturdy with a matchbox-esque appearance.  

Kit features and spec

Here’s a quick rundown of the main specs and stand-out features of the miniature but mighty Trinity Alpha kit: 


Perfectly-pocket sized compact dimensions of 91 x 38 x 16mm  

Sturdy but lightweight at just 90g 

Convenient all-in-one refillable pod design  

Powerful built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery  

Generous output wattage between 6 and 30w  

Wide resistance range between 0.4 ohm and 1.4 ohm 

Voltage input range of 3.3 - 4.2 volts / Voltage output range of 2.4 - 6.0 volts 

Variable output modes of Soft, Normal and Hard to allow you to achieve your ideal balance between ramp-up time and heat intensity  

Large, ergonomic firing button  

Handy LED battery charge status indicator 

Convenient threaded top-fill cap 

Secure micro USB charging port  

Top-Fill Design

Now that we’ve got to grips with some of the basic features of the Smok Trinity Alpha, let’s have a closer look at the ins and outs of the device to give you a better idea of whether or not this is the kit for you.  

Aside from the impressive specifications already mentioned, the Alpha Trinity boasts a sliding top-fill design which allows you to refill the pod with e-liquid without actually having to remove the pod from the device, making the task of refilling so much quicker and cleaner.  

While most pod kits have a fixed mouthpiece, the Trinity Alpha features a 510 drip tip which can accommodate any 510 mouthpiece, giving you the option to swap to a mouthpiece that suits your style rather than being confined to the mouthpiece supplied with the kit.  


The Trinity Alpha kit comes complete with two coil options to provide an effortlessly versatile vaping experience. Within the kit contents you’ll find a Nord Mesh 0.6ohm coil for maximum use at 25 watts and a Nord Mesh 0.8ohm coil specifically crafted to deliver satisfying mouth-to-lung vaping up to 16 watts. The Nord coils have experienced massive popularity thanks to their innovative non-threaded design which allows them to be slotted into place without the need to twist. Not only is this a far quicker and cleaner way of installing your coils, it’s also a great option for anyone with dexterity issues who might struggle with the fiddly nature of threaded coils.  

Pods & E-Liquid

Another big plus of Smok’s Trinity Alpha is the convenient refillable pods supplied with the kit. These pods not only give you the option to use whatever flavour sub ohm e-liquid you like (or classic / 50:50nic salts e-liquid if you purchase a plus-ohm Nord coil), but they also lock into place with a sturdy click and don’t move around once you start vaping or travelling with the device. This gives the Trinity Alpha a huge advantage over other pod kits which use a magnet system to fix the pods in place which, as you might imagine, can rattle around and slip out of position as soon as you put the device in your bag or pocket to travel.  


Running low on battery but just can’t wait for your next vape? With the Trinity Alpha pod kit you can enjoy convenient pass-through technology which lets you use your device while it charges. There’s also the option to customise your vaping experience with a selection of power settings consisting of Hard, Normal and Soft. This lets you choose how quickly your device heats the e-liquid and allows you to find your ideal ramp-up time for a vape which perfectly suits your style. If you’re unwilling to settle for the fixed power output of most all-in-one pod systems which you simply have to learn to love, you’ll really appreciate the versatility that the Alpha Trinity provides.  

Shop Trinity Alpha!

Don’t be hemmed in by pre-set power and prefilled flavour. Do it your way and shop the Smok Trinity Alpha at Vapestore to take your pod vaping experience to new levels of freedom.