SBody: An In Depth Look

Chinese manufacturers SBody are one of the biggest names in box mods, and are leading the way in innovative hardware design, particularly for sub-ohm vaping. What makes them so special?

A brief history

Set up in 2011 in Shenzhen, China, the SBody Company now has over 200 workers, including dedicated engineers and quality controllers. They produce eight product lines in their large, dedicated working space, and concentrate on creating revolutionary hardware that uses the best technology around, so that they remain industry leaders.

SBody specialise in making ergonomically designed, safe and powerful DNA mods for e-cigarette users to enjoy when they vape.

Innovative products

One of the most popular and renowned products that the brand offers is the SBody Elfin Mini box mod. This amazing piece of hardware is the smallest DNA 40 mod box in the world, and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. The advanced Evolv DNA 40 chip inside allows for excellent regulation of electric flow and temperature for a greater vaping experience. The S-Body Elfin Mini box mod also gives greater hits for intense flavour and longer battery life than standard vape pens.

The SBody Elfin DNA75 mod is the lightest and smallest DNA75 mod in the market, ergonomically designed with a great range of functions, while the Legend DNA75 offers a powerful box mod encased in colourful resin. The Macro DNA75 is another mini, lightweight piece of kit which gives an excellent vaping experience, and has various modes to choose from.

The SBody Vapedroid C1D2 offers the perfect combination of precision engineering, German design and experienced SBody production. Made with an Evolv DNA 75 chip, it has a display which allows for eight different modes and a great vape.

Just like the DNA40 mod box, the SBody Elfin YiHi 60w Mod is also the smallest on the market for its voltage. It offers a safe, stylish and powerful vaping experience for users. The Sbody DNA40 mod Mini Torch II is an alternative to the Elfin Mini box mod, not as lightweight but great for general use, with an Evolv DNA40 chip providing a great vape experience.

The powerful SBody Nuke DNA200 is powered by an authentic EVOVL DNA 200 chip, and gives the user excellent temperature control and extended battery power compared to lots of other products.

As well as their state-of-the-art box mods, SBody make batteries, vaporizers and other quality accessories for e-cigarette users to enjoy.

New inventions

Evolv are set to release a DNA60 mod, and SBody will be the first manufacturers to use it. With their history of innovation and excellent design, you can be sure that their new DNA 60 mod box will break more boundaries within the industry.

Who knows what SBody will have up their sleeve the next time a DNA mod is invented? We can’t wait to see. Until then, you can find out more about SBody's bestselling range of box mods online at Vapestore.