The New Aspire Cleito EXO Tank

We take a look at the new Aspire Cleito EXO sub-ohm tank, and just what makes it so special.

The Aspire Cleito EXO launched in spring 2017, and it’s quickly proven to be popular. Not only is it a great choice for people who want to make the switch from mouth-to-lung to sub-ohm vaping, but it’s sleek, effective and packs a punch.

It’s TPD compliant

The Tobacco Products Directive - or TPD - is a new set of regulations that came into effect in May 2017 and will have an impact on e-liquids, tanks and vape sales. For the most part it’s aimed at making e-cigarettes less appealing to children, and ensuring that e-liquids are made from high-quality, safe ingredients, which will mean that some brands have to rethink packaging and recipes.

The new TPD requirements state that no new hardware should have a tank with a capacity greater than 2ml (this doesn’t affect the hardware you’ve already bought!).

That’s where the new Aspire Cleito EXO is already ahead of the game. The quality tank comes at a standard 2ml, so not only is it already TPD compliant, but it’s been designed to be at its most effective with this size.

Coil performance is boosted

One of the benefits of the Cleito EXO is that the design means coil performance is better than ever. The Cleito EXO has been designed with a superior airflow system; air slots are open on the top of the tank, so the airflow travels through the top then on to the coil, and out the bottom side chimney.

The airflow is mechanically choked to minimise spits and vibrations, resulting in a safer, smoother vape and longer life from your reliable Aspire Cleito coils.

The regular 2ml TPD compliant tank comes with a 0.16ohm coil installed as standard, but it’s easy to change. An added benefit of the coil performance is that if you use an interchangeable coil like the Cleito coil, the tank capacity becomes 3.5ml. In this way, you can still have a tank that’s in line with the TPD regulations, but you can easily modify it if you prefer a larger tank at hand.

Flavour and clouds are improved

Because of the airflow design and improved coil performance, there’s the added benefit of even better results from e-liquids when you use the Aspire Cleito EXO.

The Cleito EXO is perfectly balanced to bring you the best in flavour, because of the way the airflow system works with the enhanced tank. It’s also brilliantly designed for big vapour production, making it an incredible choice for cloud chasers.

It’s easier than ever to use

The Cleito EXO comes in a variety of cool colours, but it’s a simple and effective e-cigarette to use. It’s easy to disassemble the kit for cleaning and maintenance, and the coils are interchangeable.

The tank is top filling, and you can easily unscrew the top cap to top-up your e-liquid. This also means that the Aspire Cleito EXO is leak free - just another benefit of this superior, TPD compliant tank.

Combine this with the petite size (57 x 23.5mm) which is perfect for Aspire Mods, the stainless steel exterior and extras like an added drip tip and coil that you get in your kit, and the Aspire Cleito EXO is a bargain at just under £25.