Review: Dinner Lady Nic Salt E-Liquid

One of the most iconic UK e-liquid brands have reinvented some of their most beloved flavours for fans of Nicotine Salt juices. Dinner Lady are celebrated for their talent and passion for flavours that capture the innocent pleasures of halcyon childhood sweets and tuck shop treats.

Nic Salts offer a higher nicotine dose and smoother throat hit making them ideal for vapers who have recently quit smoking and who require that familiar draw and sensation to transition smoothly. Best used in starter and pod kits, nic salts strike a great balance between flavour and immediate relief from nicotine cravings.


Dinner Lady Apple Sours Nic Salt E-Liquid

Let’s take a look at some of the fabulous nic salts flavours’ Dinner Lady is serving…

Starting at the sourer end of the flavour spectrum, we have Apple Sours which captures the perky sweet punch of those sour boiled candies we remember so fondly. What’s really captivating about this e-liquid though is how the immediate sour candy rush on the inhale blossoms into an unexpectedly fruity soft green apple flavour on the exhale.

Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets Nic Salt E-Liquid

A lot has been said about Dinner Lady’s award-winning Lemon Sherbets; all of it good and all of it very well deserved. It’s that timeless taste of sunny lemon wrapped in hard candy and laced with sparkling sweet sherbet. This juice is bright and clean and fruity, but that seductive sherbet layer lends just enough subtle bite that one vape is never enough. If you love citrusy candy flavours, then welcome to your new favourite all-day vape.


Dinner Lady Heisenlady Nic Salt E-Liquid

Another flavour beloved by many vapers is Heisenberg, and with their Heisenlady nic salt vape juice, Dinner Lady have achieved that delicate balance between dark ripe berries – we taste blackberries, raspberry and a smidge of blueberry – and a subtle interplay of fire and ice between spicy aniseed and cooling menthol that really caresses the throat on the exhale. Heisenfans won’t be disappointed.

Dinner Lady Sweet Fruits, Watermelon Slices & Strawberry Ice Nic Salts

Among the really fruity options in Dinner Lady’s nic-salt range are Sweet Fruits and its mouth-watering rainbow of chewy candies, Watermelon Slices which is a refreshingly light marriage of juicy fruit and indulgent, sugary candy, and the invigorating Strawberry Ice which evokes a refreshing fruit punch of smashed strawberries tumbled into a sharp and zesty cloudy lemonade, frosted just right thanks to a dash of menthol.


Dinner Lady Strawberry Macaroon Nic Salt E-Liquid

Unless you drooled at the window of a French pâtissiers every morning on the way to school, we’re not quite sure where Strawberry Macaroon sits among Dinner Lady’s nostalgic British sweet shop stars, but it really doesn’t matter: the one baked dessert flavour in the collection is a revelation, conjuring a comforting, biscuity almond base blended with toasted coconut, with a creamy inhale followed by a sweet strawberry puree on the exhale.

Dinner Lady Bubblegum Nic Salt E-Liquid

And finally, if you’re after an e-liquid that utterly encapsulates the giddy, carefree days of endless youth, then the candy pop and sweet fruity rush of Dinner Lady’s Bubblegum is the nic-salt e-liquid you’ve been looking for. A strong contender for the most moreish of an already irresistible collection of e-liquids, Bubblegum will put a smile on the face of any vaper.


Behind the Brand

In a crowded industry, Dinner Lady have made their name and earned their fame through their talent for conjuring the most nostalgic e-liquid flavours beloved by vapers, exemplified by their flagship product Dinner Lady Lemon Tart. Founded in 2016 in Blackburn, Lancashire, the vape lifestyle brand now distributes e-liquid worldwide to over 80 different countries. With their enormous fanbase and dedication to producing only the highest quality e-liquids, Dinner Lady keeps on ringing the bell for vapers all over the world.

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