Review: Six Licks Nic Salt E-Liquid

With their latest batch of Senses e-liquids making waves in the vape industry, UK producer Six Licks continues to build on the phenomenal success of their original clutch of astonishing e-juices. Now available at Vapestore in a nic salt, 50VG / 50PG formulation, we thought we’d dive back in and rediscover what makes Six Licks’ original award-winning liquids so good.

Nicotine Salts e-liquids offer a higher nicotine dose and smoother throat hit making them ideal for vapers who have recently quit smoking and who require that familiar draw and sensation to transition smoothly. Best used in starter and pod kits, nic salts strike a great balance between flavour and immediate relief from nicotine cravings.

Liquid Gold Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

Right in time for autumn, Liquid Gold takes the best of the season’s fruit flavours and mingles them together into a truly intoxicating brew that evokes the orchard and hedgerow. We love how the gentle apple flavour plays off the sharp bite of blackcurrant – a combination common to e-liquids but rarely so well-balanced as it is here. The authentic raspberry flavour dominates the exhale in sublime fashion, bringing all the notes together under a layer of sweet, sugary jam.

Bite the Bullet Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

With Bite the Bullet, Six Licks cement their reputation for daring, complex flavours with an intriguing cocktail of fruit, aniseed and menthol. It’s blackcurrant that flies the fruit flag here and rings the same note we could taste in their Liquid Gold juice; tart with an authentic, sour berry sweetness. Its an odd match for the spicy aniseed that rides along on the inhale but, we have to say, utterly delicious. That subtle, spicy fire is beautifully tempered by the cooling menthol released on the exhale, and the whole juice really benefits from this nic salt solution with its easy, satisfying throat hit.

Melon on my Mind Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

Melon is a notoriously difficult flavour to get right in vaping, with its delicate, perfumed sweetness and sub-tropical mellow tang. Fortunately, Six Licks have nailed it with an uncanny presence of real honeydew melon; sweet, fresh and succulent. The addition of menthol here could have been overpowering but instead it just complements the soothing cool you’d expect from ripe melon chilled over ice.

Love Bite Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

If citrus is your thing, Six Licks’ award-winning Love Bite won’t let you down. Juicy blood orange is the dominant flavour here, and Six Licks have captured both the sunny, sweet flesh and slightly bitter zest with expert precision. With the addition of a succulent, gently sour slice of grapefruit, this juice is mouth-wateringly moreish and, for a non-menthol juice, very refreshing. If you love fruit e-liquids, particularly citrus, Love Bite is a delicious no-brainer.

Bluemonia Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

Possibly our favourite of Six Lick’s menthol-laced e juices, Bluemonia is a cooling cocktail of raspberry and blueberry with that jolt of ice on the exhale. The fruit here is a delicious blend evocative of an icy slush drink, but without the cloying candy sweetness of similar juices. Instead the fruit is rich, pleasingly sweet and a touch sour – more raspberry than blueberry, perhaps – and the nic salt formulation once again works wonders with the menthol for a lovely throat hit.

Truth or Pear Nic Salt E-liquid by Six Licks

Finally we have Truth or Pear, a beautifully layered concoction that delivers a powerful, zesty lime on the inhale that softens into a juicy, mellow pear and soothingly sweet strawberry on the exhale. Rather than collapsing into an ill-defined slosh of flavours, each fruit is realised perfectly which makes it no surprise that Truth or Pear won Six Licks the “Fruit of the Show” award at Vaper Expo this year.

Behind the Brand

One of the fastest growing e-liquid brands in the UK, Six Licks vape juices can be found in the tanks of vapers across four continents – when they’re not hoovering up industry awards. With a talent for clean, innovative flavours, Six Licks promote a lifestyle synonymous with their fun, loud, flavoursome liquids. Look out for their recently launched sub-brand Senses as well as the award-winning flavours Six Licks have already made their name with.

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