Air Factory Short Fills

Let’s take a look at this tasty range of Air Factory short fill e-liquids. This collection of e-liquids is inspired by all things confectionary and sure to tickle the taste-buds of candy fans everywhere. The range features high VG percentage for maximum flavour impact. And remember,  buying this nicotine-free short-fill e-liquid means you can control exactly how much nicotine is in your vape - if any.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Inspired by popular American candy flavours, browsing the Air Factory short fill range will have you feeling like a kid in a sweetie shop again. The quirky, eye-catching packaging might grab your attention, but the real pleasure lies inside.

Flavour highlights of the range include the Wild Apple e-liquid, which perfectly blends tart apple tastes with hints of creamy taffy. Or there’s Blue Razz - a sweet, tart treat of mingling raspberry flavours.

Jaw Dropper is reminiscent of those sweets you weren’t meant to have, but bought from the shop when your mum wasn’t looking. In this e-liquid sweet watermelon flavours ride over a hard candy base.

For the curiously-minded, the Mystery flavour is an intriguing combination of hard to place flavours. It’s sweet, fruity and a little bit like a cocktail.

Give your inner cookie monster a treat with the Kookie Krunch flavour e-liquid. It’s a yummy combo of sweet dough and chocolate chips.

Behind the brand

The Air Factory range is made by Hold Fast Vapors, an e-liquid manufacturer which calls Southern California home. As well as the Air Factory range, you can choose from Frost Factory, Treat Factory or Salt Factory varieties. The company also occasionally releases limited edition e-liquid flavours too.