Double Drip Short Fills

For cloud chasers looking for big clouds with big flavour, Double Drip is definitely one to know, and with the release of new short fill sizes, there’s never been a better time to give the brand’s range of e-liquid flavours a go.

From mellow flavours perfect for everyday vaping to vibrant flavour combinations that leave a lasting impact, there’s an e-liquid for everyone from Double Drip.

Today we’re running you through some of the best flavours newly available in short fill size.

What is short fill?

Short fill is a new innovation the vaping community is very excited about, but if this is the first time you’ve come across it we can help clear up any confusion.

Simply put, short fill bottles are larger-size e-liquid bottles that are not filled to their full capacity. For example, a 60ml bottle will be filled with 50ml of e-liquid.

This small and smart change to the way e-liquid bottles are filled makes it possible for vapers to purchase their favourite flavours in larger volumes while still meeting TPD compliance rules.

Under the new directive, e-liquids containing nicotine can be sold in maximum volumes of 10ml – when you’re a regular vaper, what that adds up to is a lot of waste.

Short fill helps work around this by selling sub-ohm e-liquids in 0% nicotine strength. You can purchase a 10ml nicotine shot (also known as a hot shot) separately and combine it with your favourite flavour to create an e-liquid tailored to your own preferences.

The best of Double Drip

With Double Drip’s range of short fill e-liquids you’re spoiled for choice.

Mango Raspberry Ice Cream is perfect for summer, bottling up the ripe taste of mango and balancing it perfectly with tangy raspberry. It’s all finished off with the creamy taste of vanilla ice cream – a treat without any of the calories.

Strawberry Banana Waffle is a warm, mellow flavour that’s perfect for every day. It’s the taste of oven-baked waffles, topped generously with sweet banana, juicy strawberry and just a hint of vanilla.

Few things suit hot summertime weather better than Double Drip’s Sun Drip. It’s the zingy taste of pink grapefruit, paired perfectly with sweet tangerine and ripe apricot. It’s smooth, vibrant and just the right touch of tropical.

Caramel Apple Cake is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth – you get a hit of creamy vanilla sponge cake topped with fragrant baked apples and drizzled over with rich caramel sauce.

If you want something sharp and flavourful, few e-liquids pack more punch than Lemon Lime Tangerine Ice. It’s sharp lemon paired with zingy lime, then injected with a juicy burst of sweet tangerine. The whole thing comes together with a refreshing hit of menthol – perfect for summer when cool is not just a temperature, but a state of mind.

Strawberry Laces and Sherbet bottles a nostalgic taste of childhood with the tangy taste of strawberry laces. It’s dusted with a fizzy rainbow sherbet, creating a tongue-tingling sensation you’ll want again and again.

Super Berry Sherbet is another favourite with fans of Double Drip. This e-liquid offers up a seven-berry blend, dusted in a layer of sweet sherbet. The result is big clouds bursting with a zesty, zingy flavour that will leave you wanting more.

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