Review: Vapouriz Vpod Pro Vape Kit

Sleek and discreet, lightweight yet powerful, the new improved Vpod Pro is a pod kit for all vapers…

When Vapouriz launched the Vpod, vapers were impressed by the pod kit’s slimline ergonomics and exceptional performance. But we all know that innovation never sleep, something that aptly describes the restless industry we know and love as vaping.

Which is why Vapouriz, the UK’s leading vaping manufacturer for nearly a decade, decided the push the potential of the fantastic little Vpod as far as possible. The new-look Vpod Pro possesses all the great qualities of the original Vpod, but with several exciting new features and novel design changes that make it one of the best performing, and easiest to use, pod kits today. How did they do it? They listened to the vapers themselves.

Vapouriz didn’t just take direction from fans of the original Vpod, they listened carefully to the needs of newer vapers, and customers who really want to replace smoking with a safer, more rewarding alternative to traditional cigarettes but haven’t yet settled on a device that truly meets all their needs.

The Vpod Pro pod kit is the simple-to-use, discreet and powerful device that smokers have been waiting for to begin their vaping journeys, and offers a world of flavour, performance and convenience unmatched by most other refillable pod kits.


Refillable Pod Kit

850mAh battery

2ml Pod Capacity

1.2ohm internal Dual core coil

Vibration Alerts 

Super-fast Type USB-C charging

What’s in the Box:

1 x Vpod Pro battery

1 x refillable Pod 2ml

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 x Quick Start Guide

New Design

The Vpod Pro is slightly taller than the original, but replaces the cylindrical design with a slimmer, flatter profile with softly curved edges that make the super-lightweight device feel great in the hand. The Vpod Pro feels great on the lips too, thanks to the smooth, comfortable mouthpiece – also known as a ‘drip tip’. Together, they create a truly discreet, pocket-friendly vape that can go anywhere you do. And that’s good news for both newer vapers and more experienced vapers who don’t always want to carry around chunky box mods or long pen-style kits, when they’re out and about.

Choose the Vpod Pro that suits your style: Sleek, stealthy Black, sophisticated Rose Gold, or iridescent Rainbow.

New Technology

Under the hood, the Vpod Pro houses a powerful, quick-firing 850mAh battery for reliable all-day use. The Vpod Pro also contains more advanced features than the original such as an innovative vibration alert system that helps you seamlessly track your usage throughout the day. The device emits a single vibration after 50 puffs, and two vibrations after 100 puffs, putting you firmly in control of your nicotine intake. The tactile fire button flashes green at full charge, yellow at medium charge and a red light tells you exactly when to recharge using the Vpod Pro’s modern USB-C connector. And because the Vpod Pro now comes with a Type-C USB connection, something pod lovers have been clamouring for a while, it has never been quicker to charge your Vpod Pro.

Best of all, the Vpod Pro allows for single-button operation as well as autodraw activation. Simply take a pull on the you would a cigarette and you'll be amazed at how smooth and satisfying the draw sensation is on the Vpod Pro.

Same Great Flavour

The Vpod Pro is also one of the most versatile vape systems ever made, allowing you to use most kinds of e-liquids, from Classic/High PG50/50Nicotine Salts and even CBD e-liquids. Whichever e-liquid you use, the Vpod Pro’s internal 1.2ohm Dual Coil build ensures your vape juice always tastes its best.

And there’s no need to replace the coil when it’s spent; simply dispose of the whole pod at the end of its life and replace with a new one. And because the pods are attached with strong magnets, you’ll never experience a loose or rattling pod on the Vpod Pro.

Freedom at your Fingertips

The Vpod Pro pod kit is the simple, discreet and powerful device that smokers have been waiting for to start their vaping journey. The VPOD Pro’s versatility and performance will help steer your cravings away from cigarettes, replacing them with incredible flavour and satisfaction you can rely on.

Finding freedom from smoking just got easier, thanks to the brand new Vpod Pro pod kit from Vapouriz. This premium-quality refillable pod kit has been designed to effortlessly replace your cigarette habit with a safer, more rewarding alternative that’s so simple to use and relieves cravings instantly.


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