Smok G-Priv and G-Priv Pro Review

Smoktech’s G-Priv collection is home to some of the vaping giant’s mightiest kits. Do the new 80W G-Priv and G Priv Pro Pod Kits deliver the same incredible performance in a more compact, pod mod form?

Is there a style of vape kit that Smok hasn't hit out of the park? Whether you enjoy pocketable stealth vapes like the disposable Smok Mbar, versatile pod kits like the bestselling Smok Nord or Scar P5, classic pen-style vapes like the Smok Stick N18 or mighty beefcakes like the iconic Smok Species – there doesn’t appear to be a style of vape device that Smok hasn’t mastered.

The range of Smok devices now available to vapers is staggering, but even in a crowded field, there are some kits, like the G-Priv series of heavyweight sub-ohm devices, that beg to be noticed over the others.

Smok’s G-Priv devices, like the G-Priv 3, paired exceptionally refined, powerful box mods humming with advanced features with Smok’s game-changing sub-ohm tanks like the TFV16 Lite.

With the arrival of the G-Priv 3 Pod kit, Smok have compacted the brute horsepower of its bigger cousins into a device that offers plenty of punch, superior ergonomic design and a more portable form factor, creating what might be their best Pod Mod yet.


What are the G-Priv and G-Priv Pro Pod kits?

With the Smok G-Priv Pod Kit And G-Priv Pro Pod kit, you get a max power output of 80W, ideal for rich, flavoursome sub-ohm vaping. That power comes from an internal 2500mAh battery on the stock G-Priv pod kit, or an external 18650 battery on the G-Priv Pod Pro version.

Beneath the hood, both kits run Smok’s advanced IQ-S chipset which utilises a 32-bit processor to offer coil activation speeds of 0.001s. In addition to a host of safety protections, the G-Priv and G-Priv Pro pod kits feature intelligent coil recognition, multiple power modes and a crystal-clear colour screen to display all your settings and usage data, while super-fast USB-C charging lets you power up your device quicker than ever. With the G-Priv Pro Pod Kit, the external battery gives you the freedom to have a spare battery charged in an external battery charger.

The ergonomic, cuboid design of the G-Priv Pod Kit is further enhanced by the large fire button that takes up a whole side of the device for supreme comfort and a satisfying, tactile response. That super-large fire switch really makes the kit a pleasure to use. Elsewhere, a sliding switch lets you adjust the airflow to your preference and two inlet vents further enable a rich, flavoursome and immensely satisfying draw.

Crowning both devices is the new G-Priv Pro Pod, a 2ml capacity pod with a unique sliding top mechanism that flicks the mouthpiece away to reveal the refill port, helping to prevent leaks.

The G-Priv Pod is compatible with Smok’s LP2 coils which offer incredible flavour thanks to their mesh coil technology and both kits include 1 x LP2 Meshed 0.23ohm DL Coil and 1 x LP2 Meshed 0.4ohm Coil. As a sub-ohm device, the Smok G-Priv Pro is best suited to high-VG sub-ohm e-liquids.


Who is the G-Priv Pod Kit for?

If you love producing rich, billowing clouds and exquisite flavour from your favourite high-VG e-liquids, from a device that’s simple to use and easy to carry around, then the G-Priv and G-Priv Pro pod kits could be perfect for you.

Both kits are highly portable and feel great in the hand, while the easy-to-read menu and adjustable settings provide enough customisability to let you tailor the kit to your exact preferences.

And then there’s the brute horsepower both devices manage to pack into such a compact form. With a max power of 80W, and enough play to experiment with different coils, your sub-ohm experience can be entirely unique to you.

There are quite a few sub-ohm pod devices available now, but few bear the precision-engineering, premium design and incredible performance that Smok has brought to the G-Priv and G-Priv Pro Pod Kits.

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