Exploring e-liquid flavour groups

Explore all e-liquid flavours on VapeStore from premium manufacturers. Find out more about the fruity, citrus, sweet and classic flavour groups.

If you’ve made the switch from cigarettes to vaping, you’ll find a whole new world of flavours waiting for you with e-liquids. Whether you fancy something sweet or want a more traditional smoking sensation like a tobacco e-liquid, you’ll find an e-liquid to suit your fancy.

Fruity fun

Delicious fruit flavoured e-liquids are extremely popular, as not only do they taste great, but they smell good too. There is an amazing array of fruity e-liquid flavours to choose from, sure to satisfy your taste buds.

You could try a nice, simple apple flavour e-liquid, a lovely grape flavour for vaping, a sweet fruit salad, or even banana e-liquid.

Citrus kicks

If you prefer a bit of a tangy taste, then a citrus e-liquid could be for you. Think lemon and lime, or citrus paired with other flavours for a bit of a kick.

One of our favourites is the premium O-RangZ E-Liquid by Twelve Monkeys Vapor, which tastes of citrus fruits and lemons, with a hint of breakfast cereal and milk. Another great premium e-liquid with a tang is the No 71 E Liquid by Beard Vape Co, which tastes like sweet and sour sugar peach.

Sweet treats

If you want something sweet but don’t fancy a fruity taste, or want to combine a little fruit with something else, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a great deal of sweet e-liquids available. Think cherry pie, blueberry pancakes, glazed doughnuts, and strawberries and cream. There are also incredibly creative sweet flavours in premium e-liquids, like the Gummy Snakes e-liquid by USA’s HOF Hall of Fame.

If you fancy something straightforward and sweet, and have a bit of a chocolate craving (don’t we all?), then look no further than a chocolate flavoured e-liquid like the gorgeous Choco Cow E Liquid, which tastes like a glass of creamy chocolate milk.

Classic Creations

Of course, you may not want to vape a sweet smelling e-liquid, and might prefer something that tastes more like a classic cigarette might.

Again, you’ll find something to suit. There are a range of tobacco flavours out there, like our Classic Tobacco e-liquid, which, combined with the nicotine level to suit you and a good vape pen kit, could be the perfect thing to help you get the familiar sensation of smoking cigarettes without the dangerous side effects.

Another popular classic flavour is menthol e-liquid, and there are a few different varieties of this cooling, refreshing flavour, so there’s lots of choices available. You can’t go wrong with the popular Menthol Mist by Pocket Fuel, or if you’re feeling bold you could try the premium Black Crack, which blends blackcurrant, aniseed & menthol.

Cool and classic mint is another great choice if you want a refreshing vape, and with e-liquids like our Ice Mint e-liquid available, you don’t have to look far for a great taste.

If you’re not sure which e-liquid to try when you’re starting out, see if you can get tasting samples for a few different flavours, to help you figure out what you enjoy.