Focus on: Vandy Vape Squonk Kit

If you’re an experienced vaper looking to try something new and get into squonking, Vandy Vape’s Pulse Squonk Kit is the perfect entry-level device.

It’s lightweight, simple to use and competitively priced – meaning you don’t need to spend the moon to give it a go.

Today we’re diving into the world of squonking and giving you more information about this innovative little piece of kit.


Squonking seems to be the buzz word of the minute in vaping circles, and for good reason. Vape enthusiasts love to use a squonk mod because it helps maximise performance and flavour.

Squonking offers many of the same benefits as rebuildable dripping atomizer, but without the same fuss. With an RDA, you drip liquid directly into your atomiser.

This has two key benefits; the first, is that you can switch between flavours in moments, and the second, is that this method helps produce denser clouds and bolder flavours compared to a traditional tank.

But for all that RDAs have to offer, they can also be messy and inconvenient, making them an occasional-use hobby rather than a standard everyday device.

Here’s where squonking comes in; it builds on the same benefits offered by an RDA but builds the solution right into the design. You get the same results but with a design that’s clean, compact and a lot less hassle.

Tech spec

So with that established, let’s take a look at what makes Vandy Vape’s Pulse Squonk Mod stand out from the crowd.

As you’d expect, this has a bottom-feeding tank made from silicone, which has an 8ml capacity.

The whole kit is lightweight and powered by a single battery – either a standard 18650 or 20700 battery, which you purchase separately. This is, at its heart, a simple mechanical mod. So you want to have a good understanding of battery safety before transitioning to a mod like this.

So far, so expected. Where the Pulse starts to come into its own is with features like 24mm RDA compatibility. Other similar devices on the market can typically only accommodate 22mm RDAs, so this is a big plus.

In the box you get the Pulse 24 BF RDA, which features a Recoil RDA style. The airflow configuration is angled directly onto the coils, helping consistently produce great flavour and big cloud production while still remaining resistant to leaks.

An internal locking switch also helps make the Pulse safe and easy to carry and refill on the go. Other tech specs like a spring-loaded 510 squonking pin, low resistance copper battery contacts and interchangeable door panels mean the device is designed to deliver high performance even on the go.

All-in-all this kit is everything you want in a squonk mod; it’s well thought out, inexpensive and simple to use. No wonder it’s receiving so much praise.

About Vandy Vape

Founded in 2016 in the global heart of vaping – China’s Shenzhen region – Vandy Vape has already established itself as an innovative expert when it comes to e-cig design and accessories.

The company’s two key principles are quality and customer satisfaction, and it’s evident in everything they do. They are committed to creating products with superior performance that offer the best flavour on the market, all while remaining affordable to the average enthusiast.