Visit a (virtual) Vape Shop in Kingston

While you might be used to shopping with us online, did you know we have physical stores you can visit too?

We opened in Kingston-upon-Thames in June 2016 as a hub for local vapers. It's one of our flagship VapeStore and a great place to upgrade your kit, stock up on your favourite e-liquids and speak to our experts.

We're open seven days a week and are conveniently located in the heart of Kingston Town Centre, right opposite Kingston Market.

Learn from the pros

If words like box mod, atomizer, tank and resistance all sound like gibberish to you, come and see us in store.

We have an expert team on hand to demystify the process and get you started. We can help with everything from troubleshooting to choosing the perfect setup and have a huge selection of classic and sub-ohm e-liquids to satisfy even the most particular taste palette.

One of the best features of our store is the Vapebox - it's our e-liquid tasting station where you can sample some of our bestselling juices to find the one you like.

Step inside with our virtual tour

Want to see what we have in store? Take a look around and explore our Kingston vape shop with our virtual tour.

See something you like? Navigate over to the display cases - the shopping cart icon will show you exactly what you're looking at so you can buy online.