What are Mesh Coils?

As coil technology continues to improve, so does the pleasure vapers get from their juices and e-cig kits. Mesh coils are the latest exciting evolution of one of the fundamental components of vaping and provide some significant advantages over traditional coils.

If you visit Vapestore regularly you’ll have seen that many of the pre-built coils that come with newer kits and sub-ohm tanks are described as ‘Mesh Coils.’ But before we tell you what that means, and what advantages mesh coils provide, lets remind ourselves what coils are in the first place.


A coil can be found in all e-cigarette tanks and has traditionally consisted of a wire wrapped around a wicking material, usually cotton, that’s saturated with e-liquid. An electric current is passed through the wire from the battery – or mod – heating it, which in turn heats up the e-liquid which evaporates as that rich, flavoursome vapour we know and love.


This design has worked great for vape tanks over the years, and still does for many devices, but it is not without its problems. A single coil that uses a single wire wrapped in a spiral design, doesn’t always makes contact with the cotton wick evenly. This can result in hot spots, spitting and congealed pockets of VG – an ingredient of e-liquid. Also, because a large amount of power is required to produce the best clouds and vapour, single coils often wear out quickly making replacing them costly over time.


New mesh coils, however, are made from a thin metallic mesh strip – like a wire net- that allows the current to pass through more evenly, rather than a single length of coiled wire. It’s this simple innovation that solves many of the drawbacks of single coils and provides quite a few benefits for vapers.

Better Flavour, Bigger Clouds

Due to the larger surface area of the metallic mesh, more of the e-liquid is in contact with the heating element which commonly results in improved vapour and flavour production, making for a fantastic smooth and flavourful vape.

Less dry hits

As there is more of the heating element (the mesh) in contact with the wick, this ensures a more even heating of the cotton meaning far less ‘dry hits’ – that is, draws on the tank that don’t inhale enough vapour from the e-liquid and taste burnt instead.

Longer Lasting

Because the electric current passes through the flat metallic mesh more evenly than with round single coils, they tend to take far longer to ‘burn out’, saving money and the time spent replacing them.

More efficient

Batteries love mesh coils as they don’t require as much power to produce the same amount of vapour as you would use with a single coil. So you could use around 50w through a mesh coil and still get the same level of flavour and clouds that you’d get with 80-100w through a single coil. This also helps to extend the life of the coil.


If there’s a disadvantage to mesh coils, it’s that the extra cotton used in their build can soak up e-liquid at a higher rate than it would with a traditional coil, meaning you can find yourself refilling your tank far more often and running low on e-liquid sooner. Most vapers, however, feel that’s a cost that’s easily balanced with the saving made from the longer lifespan of their mesh coils.

Tips for your mesh coil

Always prime a new coil with e-liquid before inserting it into your tank.


Once it’s in the tank and you’ve filled up the rest with e-liquid, leave the coil to sit for about 5-10 minutes before use.


Don’t fire your mod at the recommended wattage range for the first few hits. Start lower, say 40w for a 60-80w recommended coil, and increase the wattage gradually until the coil is broken in and firing at full tilt.

Here at Vapestore we stock all the latest e-cigarette kits, tanks and mods that are compatible with the cutting-edge new mesh coils, as well as the coils themselves in handy multi-packs and mesh wire for hands-on fans of rebuildable coils.