A Perfectly Personalised Vaping Experience

Alongside the obvious drawback of smoking being extremely detrimental to your health and well-being, there is also the added annoyance of smoking being a ‘you get what you’re given’ kind of practise. With only a handful of blends available, the ever-tightening laws surrounding tobacco have effectively squashed the majority of choice and variety when it comes to cigarettes and rolling tobacco.


As of the 21st May 2017, smokers were no longer able to purchase ten-packs of cigarettes and had to settle for a pack of twenty, costing as much as £15. Hand-rolling tobacco was also affected by the new legislation, with 30g becoming the smallest quantity of tobacco available at an eye-watering £12-15.

Cigarette packaging was also affected by the ban as governing bodies believed that a standardised, plain approach would help to reduce the attractiveness, appeal and glamour of smoking – especially to young people who might be interested in picking up the habit.


Currently, health warnings must cover at least 65 per cent of the packaging’s surface area, with promotional words such as light, smooth and organic no longer permitted. The colouring of the packaging must also be a homogenised brown with no identifiable branding or emblems.

Traditional cigarettes do not allow the user to choose the level of nicotine they are receiving, instead offering a rough average of 12mg per cigarette but as much fluctuation as 8mg and 20mg per cigarette. Because of this, it is difficult for a smoker to gauge and therefore manage their habit as they have very little idea exactly how much nicotine they are taking into their system.


E-liquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths from 0mg right up to 20mg and are always clearly labelled with their exact nicotine content. This is beneficial because it allows the user to choose a specific nicotine strength which satisfies their cravings and reflects their smoking habit, but also because it means the user can steadily move down to lower strengths until they eventually break the habit for good.

Another element of vaping which accommodates for detailed personalisation is the wide variety of available e-liquid flavours.


Whether you’re fanatical about fruits or mad for menthol, with over 500 flavours and more being added regulary, there's something to suit all tastes encompassing a massive spectrum of desserts, beverages, candies and many, many more.

Your vaping experience can be tailored to your tastes further still with the use of adjustable airflow, which is offered on most tanks and essentially allows you to modify the amount of vapour produced and the type of ‘draw’ you experience.


If you like a tight, restricted draw similar to that of traditional silk-cut cigarettes, then you can adjust your settings so that only a few air-holes are open. For a loose, airy vape which produces thick vapour, simply select a more open airflow setting.


Vaping also allows you to choose how much power you want your device to produce by offering a bountiful selection of kits and mods with various wattage outputs. A higher wattage means more power, which in turn leads to more cloud production and a greater intensity of flavour.

Another exciting way in which vaping allows you to personalise your experience is with the fun, attractive designs of kits and mods on offer.


Whether you’re into sophisticated, streamlined style or you prefer more wild and wacky designs, modern vape kits are a million miles away from the shame-inducing brown packaging of traditional tobacco and even provide the option to personalise their appearance further still with mod wraps and interchangeable drip tips.


Smok’s Nord Pod Kit, for example, comes in a selection of iridescent snakeskin finishes which are really striking and a great conversation piece as soon as you pull it out of your pocket.


Smoking Vapor’s Mi Pod is another example of just how attractive a vape device can be, with a beautiful aesthetic design.

Smok Nord

Mi Pod

Today’s vape devices are also becoming more and more multipurpose, with kits like the Wismec Active serving as both a Bluetooth speaker and as a comprehensive and high-performing vape kit.

We’re even beginning to see an emergence of voice-activated devices filtering into the market, giving you even more freedom to craft your experience to one which is most convenient for you.

Wismec Active

With this abundance of choice and the endless option to tailor all aspects of your vape, why settle for the heavily conformist, restricted practise of smoking, which only serves to keep you confined in your habit whilst also offering the most paltry options possible?


Take back your identity, and your right to choose what’s best for you.