7 E-Liquids to Trick You Into Feeling Warm This Winter!

Could these e-liquids help you beat the winter chills? Finding a liquid that summons warm feelings could trick you into feeling warmer on the coldest of winter mornings! From tasty winter puddings that evoke the comforts of home to juices that take us away to exotic sunny places, we’ve selected the best winter warmers available from Vapestore!

Cherry Pie by Pocket Fuel. Succulent cherry jam in a creamy pastry case topped with a sweet iced fondant. This juice evokes images of a fresh pie cooling down on a window sill on a warm summers day.

Tonix Blood Orange by Element. Bright bursts of citrus and naturally sweet blood orange blend. This liquid provides the refreshing taste of balmy Florida mornings.

Envy by Pure Evil. An intensely desirable juice of spiced apples and secrets. This juice is the ultimate winter warmer, based on the taste of everyone’s favourite winter pudding, spiced apple and cinnamon pie with a big dollop of whipped cream.

Carnival Berry Lemonade by Juice Roll-Upz. Assorted berries whizzed up in a blender of freshly squeezed sweet lemonade. What better way to summon up some inner warmth by enjoying the taste of a fresh and fruity carnival punch, the ultimate juice for celebrating summer nights.

Strawberry & Banana Waffle by Double Drip. Freshly baked waffles topped with succulent strawberries and sweet sliced bananas. What could be more warming than imagining yourself in your favourite breakfast joint devouring warm waffles with a fruity topping? Even better, imagine having this as breakfast in bed!

Tropika by Twelve Monkeys. A plethora of punchy exotic fruits. Envision yourself on some faraway beach watching the sun set over a warm blue ocean with this deliciously tropical e-liquid.

Miami Drip Club Little Havana by Cheap Thrills. A savoury flavour e-liquid with tobacco, caramel, biscuit and cinnamon. The spirit of Miami’s vibrant Little Havana neighbourhood lives within this liquid, transporting us to one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations.

Got your own homemade e juice recipe that you think is the ultimate winter warmer? Let us know about it in the comments section below!