How to Avoid Vape Spitback

Spitback can ruin an otherwise enjoyable vape. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper tweaking their kit, today we're telling you what it is and how to avoid it.

What is spitback? 

Spitback is the term used to describe occasional droplets of e-liquid that shoot up when you're vaping.

Because your e-cig is on, the droplets are hot and can be irritating and painful if they shoot up through the mouthpiece.

What causes it?

Spitback occurs when your e-liquid pools on the coil, being 'cooked' or heated rather than vapourised as it should.

It then bubbles and spits - just like a pot of boiling water would. The trouble comes when you inhale from the tip of your e-cig, sucking up the droplets with it.

Avoiding spitback

The good news is, there's lots of simple tweaks you can make to reduce spitback or avoid it altogether.

If you're dealing with spitback, here's a few things you can try:

1. Increase wattage

If you're struggling with spitback it might be because the wattage is set too low and not vapourising your e-liquid quickly enough. Try tweaking the wattage on your box mod up 5 to 10 watts. The e-liquid will be able to vapourise at the same rate the wick is supplying it, cutting down on spitback.

2. Don't over-prime

If you have just changed your coil or are a fan of dripping, be careful not to over-prime the wick by saturating it with too much e-liquid. Flooding is one of the key causes of spitback, and for many it happens just after a coil has been changed.

3. Fire before you inhale

If you do prime or drip too much, hit the fire button on your vape before you inhale for a couple of seconds. The tell-tale popping sound of spitback will fade and then you're ready to go.

4. Check the wick

If spitback is a problem and you have an RTA, your wick could be causing the problem.  If there isn't enough wick, too much e-liquid will enter the chamber causing flooding, and then spitback.

5. Avoid twisted coils

Twisted or Clapton coils can also be the culprit. The multi-strand design can be more prone to spitback because e-liquid can pool on the coil.

6. Check the airflow

If there's too much airflow you might be sucking too much e-liquid into the chamber and causing flooding. Reduce the airflow or inhale with less strength to solve the issue.

7. Choose high-VG e-liquids

VG is a thicker consistency than PG, so switching to a higher VG ratio can help slow down how quickly e-liquid saturates the wick, also cutting down the possibility of flooding.

8. Choose an angled drip tip

Angled drip tips are designed to prevent spitback because it's harder to spit back up into your mouth. Longer drip tips and one with a curved design will also help solve the problem, and so will rotatable drip tips, too.