Could Vaping Save Your Christmas Party?

Avoid that morning-after regret and the embarrassment associated with office party antics this Christmas with the help of your e cigarette!

Party season is upon us and the work Christmas party is usually a big event on any company’s calendar. This should be a chance for employees to blow off steam and celebrate their successes, but for those who struggle to control the excess, it can all go horribly wrong. Here are a few reasons why vaping your way through the event could stop your career going up in smoke!

Beat Pre-Party Anxiety.

The work Christmas party can cause anxiety for many. Who else is going that you know? What’s acceptable to wear? What if you say something stupid to the wrong person? What if you embarrass yourself and become the talk of the office? Deep breaths are the answer.

Stay calm and blow a few juicy clouds to feel more at ease and then re-address these questions in a relaxed manner – you’ll soon realise that you’re worrying over nothing and staying calm and composed in the build up to and throughout the party will help you ensure you have a great time.

Avoid Excess. Vape Instead.

For many the office party is merely an opportunity to overindulge, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have access to a free bar. Before you set out on a mission to drink every last drop of free alcohol, consider the consequences. Vaping could help you avoid any temptation to indulge in the excesses that can land you in awkward situations.

You won’t enjoy returning to work to face the music, even if everybody else revels in watching you suffer through it. Keeping your vape in your hand will stop you from feeling like you need to top-up your glass every few minutes and an appropriately flavoured liquid such as Gin & Tonic or Strawberry & Lime Cider could distract you from drinking too much.

Poor Entertainment? Perform Some Vape Tricks.

A minimal budget can mean mediocre entertainment and an uninterested crowd, creating a dull atmosphere. Perhaps the party organizer has their own idea of fun which isn’t quite level with anybody else’s idea of engaging entertainment. This is your chance to shine. Grab your mod, get in front of the crowd and blow some O’s to whet their appetite, then unleash the jellyfish and wow the crowd with the rest of your favourite vape tricks!

Mods vs Mistletoe!

If you find yourself unwittingly stood beneath the mistletoe facing someone you’re less than enthused about making any form of bodily contact with, just motion to your mod and tell them it’s ‘time for a top-up’ before scrambling off to hide in a soon-to-be-foggy corner.

On the other hand, you may find yourself underneath the mistletoe with somebody you’d be more than happy to suck face with! Firstly, it’s always best to gauge whether the colleague in question feels the same way. To ensure you’re making this distinction with a clear head, re-familiarise yourself with the points above about avoiding excess. Secondly, if you have enjoyed a couple of Christmas tipples, you don’t want to kill the moment with your overpowering whisky breath but a quick draw of menthol could mask the odour, improving your chances of a nice sloppy festive snog.

Embarrassed Yourself In Front of Your Boss? Clouds Can Save You.

If you find yourself successful in embracing the excess and embarrassing yourself in front of your boss and colleagues, the best course of action is to blow the biggest cloud possible and completely disappear (make a run for the exit)! Remember to adjust your device’s settings for maximum cloud before the event just in case you should end up in this scenario, because the thicker the cloud, the longer you’ll have to hail an Uber from your smartphone on your way out, prior to the clouds clearing.

What’s more, come the new year, your embarrassing moment won’t be the talk of the office. It’ll be shadowed by speculation that you’re some kind of wizard or magician and you might even get booked to provide the entertainment at next year's event…