E-liquid flavours for Pancake Day

In celebration of Pancake Day, we've put out a spread of our favourite e-liquids that complement a nice warm pancake perfectly.

Whether you want a piping hot plate of pancakes or prefer the sweet taste of pastry, we've got a great rundown of the flavours MTL and sub-ohm vapers will love. Who says breakfast isn't the best meal of the day?

Blueberry Pancakes - If you don't have time to flip your own pancakes, Pocket Fuel's Blueberry Pancakes e-liquid is a great alternative. You get the taste of warm, fluffy pancakes drizzled in syrup with a hint of juicy blueberry to bring it all together. For cloud chasers who like to keep things sweet, this flavour won't disappoint.

Strawberry Shortstack Hotcakes - If blueberry doesn't quite hit the mark for you, try Strawberry Shortstack by Ruthless. This delicious e-liquid bottles the warm taste of pancakes with a sweet hint of strawberries and cream for a vape that is as delightful as weekend brunch itself.

Berry Smoothie - If you want a hint of sweetness but like to keep things light, try Berry Smoothie on for size. Infused with the flavour of blended berries, this is a smooth and fruity e-liquid that comes in a range of different nicotine strengths.

Loaded Glazed Donut - Skip the calories and still savour the sweet taste of pastry with Loaded Glazed Donut by Ruthless. It bottles the mouth-watering flavour of freshly-baked donuts smothered in a sugary glaze with just a hint of cinnamon.

Strawberries and Cream - Strawberries and cream are the perfect topping for pancakes, waffles and crepes, and taste just as good in e-liquid form. Our Vapouriz Strawberries and Cream e-liquid gets the job done right - it's the sweet flavour of strawberry with a mellow hint of cream.

Banana - Vapouriz Banana e-liquid is the perfect accompaniment to a Pancake Day feast, and in your e-cig works well on its own or as a delicious base. The sweet, mellow flavour of this e-liquid captures the true essence of banana and mixes beautifully with flavours like Vanilla Velvet, too.

Melba - Pocket Fuel's Melba is another essential breakfast flavour that's perfect as an all-day vape for anyone who likes to keep things on the sweet side. You get the juicy taste of peach and the tangy bite of raspberry, blended together with a rich and creamy yogurt. It all comes together to give you a smooth throat hit with a hint of fruit.

I Love Cookies - If you love something sugary with your morning coffee, try Mad Hatter's I Love Cookies. It's the taste of oven-fresh cookies balanced perfectly with a cold, refreshing glass of milk. The whole thing is topped off with a slight hint of strawberry and caramel to help make this an e-liquid that's as satisfying and complex as it is delectably sweet. Strawberry Shake - Pocket Fuel's Strawberry Shake is a sweet strawberry milkshake with a luscious whipped cream topping. It's the perfect e-liquid to combine with pancakes for those with a sweet tooth.

Cherry Pie - If you love pastries at breakfast time, this Cherry Pie e-liquid by Pocket Fuel is the morning e-liquid for you. It tastes like warm cherry jam wrapped in oven-fresh pastry and topped with sweet iced fondant.

Sloth - What better topping for pancakes or breakfast cereal than a variety of sweet berries? That's exactly what you get with Pure Evil's Sloth e-liquid. It's a decadent blend of seven berries, slowly matured for a delicious and complex flavour.

Wrath - For a more exotic vape to accompany your breakfast, try Wrath by Pure Evil. This e-liquid is a tasty blend of sweet raspberry and creamy coconut cake that will leave you lusting for more.

Jam-nation - For the ultimate breakfast vape to satisfy every sweet tooth, try Jam-nation by Pure Evil. It's a sweet hit of warm raspberry jam in a delicious sugary doughnut. Once you've tried it, you'll never look back - welcome to eternal jam-nation!