Get Tanked!

Your e-cigarette is nothing without its tank. We take a look at this vital piece of vaping kit, and the different styles of tank available.

Anatomy of a tank

In technical terms, the tank itself is the cylinder which you fill with e-liquid when you’re vaping. However, the word tank is often used interchangeably with whole e-cig kits, including the chamber, mouthpiece, coil, wick and battery.

You can get rebuildable tank atomizers (also known as an RTAs), which are best for people who want to manually wick their coils by placing fresh cotton into new coils which are often self-built by the user. The tank then gradually releases e-liquid onto the cotton. Cartomizer tanks absorb e-liquid through polyfill, so they hold more liquid and give longer vapes than some other e-cigarette types, and they’re particularly good for people who have everyday e-liquid flavours that they don’t change often. Clearomizer tanks have a clear, large chamber for e-liquid, have a long lifespan, and have short wicks for intense flavour delivery.

For the most part, though, when vapers talk about their tank they talk about clearomizers.

Tanks on the market

As a trusted name in e-cig tanks, Aspire are a great brand to turn to when you’re looking for a new e-cig tank. The new Aspire Triton 2 Vape Tank is a fantastic way to get a bespoke vape. The Aspire tank airflow is adjustable, there are a variety of coils available, and the kit is easy to take apart and clean. The Aspire Triton Mini Vape Tank is a dinky e-cig tank, but a powerful one. It also has adjustable airflow and is simple to disassemble and use with a top filling tank, and it comes in sleek silver or black.

The innovative Innokin tanks are made to be robust and hard-working, giving you a super vape experience. The Innokin iClear XI Clearomizer has a 2.1ohm resistance and 3ml capacity chamber, meaning you can store lots of e-liquid in the tank to enjoy.

As one of the longest running e-cigarette brands out there, Kanger know what they’re doing when it comes to tanks. Kanger tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and all are made to last. The Kanger Subtank Nano Clearomizer is a compact piece of kit designed to give you a high-performance vape without any hassle. It’s suited for experienced vapers who like sub-ohm vaping, but is easy to clean and doesn’t require rebuilding. Another popular Kanger tank is the Kanger CL Tank, which comes in 2ml and 4ml sizes. The Kanger CL Tank is top-filling, with a child lock feature, symmetrical air holes and a smooth draw. You’ll get a wonderful flavour hit from e-liquid and big clouds with Kanger tanks.

One of the most popular tanks around, the VGOD Trick Tank is awesome if you want to create huge clouds to bend and split. The top filling VGOD Trick Tank has a 3ml capacity, stainless steel construction, large air holes and room for a dripper or unicorn tip.

As well as the best clearomizers out there, VapeStore sells all the coils, wicks, spare chambers and drippers you need to make the most of your vape tanks.