Guide to Mechanical Vaping Mods - Mech Mods

Once you’ve been vaping for a while, you might find that you want to have more control over your flavour hit and vapour clouds.

This is where a mechanical mod comes in. They are made with experienced vapers firmly in mind, as they not only provide a better hit, but need a little more attention. Think of mech mods as a step up from beginner RTAs and RDAs in the world of sub-ohm vaping.

Mech mods look sleek and simple when you compare them to other kit. It’s essentially a tube, or box, with a button on it, which holds a battery unit. When you press the button, a circuit is completed, and current is delivered to the atomizer without any other regulation.

What do you need?

As the parts are so simple on a mech mod – there are no other electronic components that could malfunction on you – they can be very durable. You can also combine mechanical mods with RDA and RTA atomizers for a great hit when you vape.

The potential complications come with the battery, as you are in direct control of the current. However, if you are an experienced vaper and take care when you use your mechanical mod, it’s very safe. You should choose a mech mod with vent holes, a lock to make sure your battery doesn’t stay ‘on’ all the time, and (just like with any other e-cigarette) take good care of the batteries. Most importantly, when it comes to unregulated mods, an understanding of Ohm's Law - even if you're not actually building coils and using pre-built coils - is needed! We would recommend visiting and reading up on how Ohm's Law affects your vape.

You must make sure you buy good quality batteries for a mechanical mod vape – don’t scrimp on this and opt for something cheap. The battery needs to be compatible with your mech mod, too, and have a good amp limit and high mAh value so you’ll get the most from your vape.

As well as batteries, the battery charger for your mech mod is crucial. You’ll obviously need it to be compatible with the batteries you choose, but you should also make sure that it protects against overcharging. The easiest way to do this is to get a battery charger with an LED display, and overcharge protection.

After the batteries and charger, you’ll need wick material like cotton, wire for the coil, and an ohm meter so you can test coil resistance.

You might also want to think about starting out with some lower-nicotine, mild flavoured e-liquids when you make the switch to mech vapes, as the flavour and vapour are going to be bigger and better than you’re used to!

Getting the right Mech Mod

There are some fantastic mods on the market to get you started on your mechanical mod vape journey.

The high performance DotMod Petri Lite V2 in blue or black has gold-plated accents and a sleek aluminium body. The internal parts are masked which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the kit, and won’t damage the inside.

The new Dogecorn mech mod from Congrevape is the perfect thing for people who want some awesome clouds and great control over their vape. It can take batteries and atomizers of different sizes, as it has a floating pin system. The Dogecorn V1 Silver Mech Mod comes in a sleek and stylish silver-plated design.

Find mech mods and all the parts you need on the Vapestore website.