Vape & E-Liquid Storage

E-liquids have transformed the way we 'smoke' and made the experience easier, more affordable and highly customisable.

Making the switch to e-cigarettes requires a few new considerations; instead of a lighter, you need a charger, and rather than worrying about the freshness of your pack of cigarettes, you need to keep an eye on the quality of your e-liquid and how you store it.

Storing e-liquid doesn't need to be a complex process, and most of the time what you're already doing will be fine - particularly if you're vaping regularly, there won't be much need for storage in any case.

If you're taking advantage of sales or other incentives and buying e-liquids in larger quantities storage becomes more of a priority.

Stored properly you can extend the shelf life of the product and ensure it's fresh when you come to use it. Stored incorrectly and your e-liquid could go stale and lose its flavour — and no one wants that.

Here's what you need to know about e-liquid to get the most out of it and store it properly.

Shelf life

First, a note on shelf life. Though it does vary from flavour to flavour, e-cigarette liquid will stay good for around two years. After that, the quality and flavour will start to degrade.

Heat and light

Heat and light are enemy number one when it comes to storing your e-liquids. Too much exposure to heat and light and the e-liquid will lose its flavour, much the same way your favourite soft drinks start to taste awful after an hour left in a hot car. A cool, dark place — like a basement, kitchen cupboard or medicine cabinet — is the ideal environment to keep everything fresh and tasty.


Keeping your e-liquids in the fridge is a great way to keep them at their best if you can spare the shelf space — the cooler temperature helps slow down the oxidation process and keep the nicotine fresh for longer.

Store separately

If you're in the habit of mixing your own liquids, buy ingredients separately and don't mix them until you intend to use them — keep the base in its own separate bottle and the flavour in another.

Choose glass over plastic

Cheap plastic bottles can compromise the taste of your e-liquids, particularly when not stored properly over a long period of time. If you're buying and using the e-liquid straight away this isn't a concern, but if you're only vaping occasionally or switching between several bottles all the time, this should be more of a priority. When possible, choose glass bottles over plastic. Dark glass is easiest to travel with because it filters harsh sunlight — perfect when your storage conditions are less than ideal.

Try the freezer

Like refrigeration, freezing your e-liquid is also an option if you're looking for a longer term storage solution. Transfer any e-liquids in plastic containers into glass bottles and put them in the freezer — this will significantly slow down oxidation and means when you're ready to use the e-liquid it'll be as fresh as if you just purchased it.