Vape Tricks

If you want to really impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, forget cliché chocolates and overpriced bouquets and instead master the fine art of a perfectly-crafted vapour-shaped heart, blown seductively in your lover’s direction!

To perform this simple but sweet trick, you must first grasp the technique of a humble vapour ring. This is far easier to achieve when using a Sub Ohm Device and High VG E-Liquid, as the high VG content of sub ohm juice paired with the high output power of the mod creates very thick and easily manipulable vapour.

Begin by taking a generous inhale on your device and keep the vapour in your mouth instead of breathing it into your lungs. Make sure your tongue is positioned towards the back of your mouth as you form as perfect of an ‘o-shape’ as you can with your lips.

Using the back of your throat in a pulsing motion, push the vapour which is inside your mouth forwards so that it creates a circular vapour ring as it passes through your lips. You can experiment with the size of the vapour rings by adjusting your lips to form a wider or smaller o-shape: parting your lips wider will create a larger vapour ring, whereas keeping your lips closer together will form a smaller ring.

Once you’ve perfected this technique, you can then move on to manipulating the vapour rings to form the shape of a heart to make your Valentine blush in delight! To do this, simply snap your fingers above the top of the ring immediately after you blow it out. This causes a small amount of air to rush downwards and pushes the top of the ring down towards its centre, creating a cute heart shape which you can then push gently towards your special someone using the palm of your hand.


Blowing a kiss has never been so sweet!