Travelling on holiday with your squonk mod

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climes this summer, you’re probably already wondering what the deal is with taking your squonk mod with you. The good news is: you can travel with your squonk mod. But there are a few rules and regulations you should absolutely familiarise yourself with before you step foot in the airport.

Can I vape at the airport?

At airports in countries that allow vaping, you’ll likely have to vape in the smoking lounge.

What do I need to remember going through airport security?

All your vaping items have to be carried in hand luggage, not in your checked in baggage. So make sure you’ve sorted this before you set off for the airport, because no one wants to have to unpack their suitcase in front of a long queue of frustrated fellow flyers.

Airport security in most countries across the globe are becoming more familiar with vapes in all their many shapes and sizes, so in theory you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting through security, provided you stick to the rules regarding carrying liquids and batteries on board.

Make sure you have your battery charged and ready to turn on, so that if security staff do question you and want you to turn the device on, you can give them a demo. Obviously you can’t vape on a plane, so if your battery is charged you’ll be ready to go when you get to your destination.

You’ll also need to remember to put your e-liquids in a clear bag and not to carry any that hold over 100ml of liquid. All your liquids (e-liquids and other types of liquid you’re taking, like shampoo etc.) must be able to fit into the bag and the bag must be able to close properly. If you want to take an e-liquid bottle over 100ml, put it in your checked in luggage.

Remove your battery and any spares from your device and place on top of your hand luggage for it going through the scanner. This will make the airport security staff’s job a lot easier and hopefully help you pass through security quickly and without fuss.

Remember - the rules about flying with your vape, including a squonk mod, can vary from one airline to another. The safest option is to check with the airport and airline well in advance of your flight and find out the best way to travel with your vape.

Will my squonk mod leak on the plane?

We all know that cabin pressure can affect various items inside your luggage when you fly at altitude. Most people will be familiar with opening their bag on day one of their holiday only to find their shower gel has exploded everywhere - not ideal. But how can cabin pressure affect your squonk mod?

Word on the street is if there is any liquid inside your squonk mod, this will cause pressure which will in turn force the liquid out one way or another. Other problems with spillage could arise due to a bumpy landing or take off, or even the effects of turbulence. Your best option is to fly with an empty squonk mod and put it inside an extra bag, just in case any reside is pushed out by the cabin pressure.

Oh, and don’t even think about vaping on the plane. With most airlines the same rules as smoking apply and in some extreme cases people have been thrown in prison for using their vapes on a plane. Plus your squonk mod is likely to produce a lot of vapour, and there’s nothing sly about that.

What are the rules on vaping abroad?

Vaping regulations vary from country to country and it’s important to check the rules before you land, just to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. In some countries you can be fined for vaping or have your vape confiscated, so it’s never worth the risk.

There have been reports of travellers having their vapes confiscated at Dubai airport - on both inbound and outbound flights. Plus vaping is illegal in some countries, such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

There are always going to be cultural differences too, so try to be respectful whenever and wherever you vape. People may be intrigued by the sight of your squonk mod, so be prepared for some curious glances and questions!