What are E-liquids?

Simply put, e-liquids are the liquids that you use in your Vape Pen or Vape kit.

E-liquids come in many different forms, flavours and nicotine strengths, but are usually made up of a few key ingredients.

Which e-liquid you use depends on your previous smoking habits, flavour preference, and the type of vape kit you use.


What are the differences between e-liquids?

To understand the differences between e-liquids, you must first know what the main ingredients are which make up every E-Liquid. Although a little daunting at first, thankfully it’s actually a very simple and it’s easily explained.

There are two main ingredients in e-liquid: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Propylene Glycol (PG). The type of e-liquid is defined by the proportion of these two ingredients.

There are also the ingredients that are responsible for the flavour and nicotine content, however these make up a much smaller percentage of the e-liquid than VG or PG which form the main base.

Classic E-Liquids.

Classic e-liquids will have roughly 70% PG to 30% VG. Classic vaping is designed to imitate the sensation of a cigarette but with a stronger throat hit. As a result of their makeup they can also have a higher nicotine content.  This makes classic
E-Liquids useful for heavy smokers looking to switch. This type of e-liquid should be used with low-wattage devices (also known as ‘classic kits’) since the liquid is much thinner than other forms and therefore doesn’t require the same volume of power or heat.


Some of our favourite classic kits are:

The Vapouriz Fuse

Our award-winning classic Fuse device is easy to use and perfect for first-time users.

The V-Mini

A swish and stylish kit is perfect for new vapers who are looking for a classic kit with an extra boost to it.

Aspire PockeX

The Aspire PockeX Vape Kit is a great starter kit as an introduction to sub ohm vaping.

Some of our favourite Classic E-Liquids include:


Vapouriz Premium

These premium e-liquids offer exceptional quality at the right price, with a mix that means you never have to compromise on flavour or throat hit.


Vampire Vapes

Based in Blackburn, Vampire Vapes have become one of the most popular UK brands with a range of great quality flavours.


50/50 E-Liquids.

50/50 e-liquids have 50% PG to 50% VG. These liquids are versatile and have universal use in both classic and Sub Ohm devices. 50/50 E-Liquids replicate the feeling of a cigarette with a mouth-to-lung inhalation whilst also being suitable for direct-to-lung inhalation as well, giving a smooth flavourful vape.

The balance of 50/50 means that these liquids are an ideal mid-point between flavour delivery as well as cloud production, which is a great starting point for the novice vaper.

50/50 E-Liquids are best enjoyed in a high-powered classic kit, or a low-powered Sub Ohm Kit. We love Vapouriz 50/50 in the V-Switch and the V-Mini.

For its sheer range of available flavours and quality of E-Liquid we recommend Vapouriz 50/50.

Sub Ohm E-Liquids.

Sub ohm e-liquids (sometimes called ‘max VG liquids’) have a higher VG to PG content (>50% VG). Having a greater proportion of VG means that the vape kit will produce larger clouds than the other forms of e-liquid. They often provide a smoother vape with less throat hit.

Sub ohm e-liquids are meant to be used with a kit that has a high-wattage as the liquid is thicker and requires more power to produce vapour. This e-liquid is becoming increasingly popular due to the smooth vapour feel, large flavour, and big cloud production.


Which e-liquid to use to stop smoking.

It really depends on your personal preference!

If you’re a heavy smoker, then it might be worth starting off with an e-liquid that has a higher nicotine content to satisfy the nicotine cravings. In that case you would likely want to choose a classic style e-liquid as they can contain a higher nicotine content as well as mimicking a similar sensation like that of a cigarette.

If larger clouds are your thing, then you can't go wrong with a sub Ohm set up.

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