What is Juuling?

When any brand name becomes a verb people use, you know it’s probably here to stay: just think of Googling or hoovering. Now there’s Juuling. What is Juuling? Well, it's simply the act of vaping using the Juul pod-based vape device.

The Juul is one of the world’s bestselling e-cigarettes. Having just launched in 2015, the vape has exploded in popularity, making $224 million in sales last year and achieving a 32 per cent market share. Some are referring to the Juul as the ‘iPhone of vapourisers’. But what’s the big deal?

The Juul vape emerged as the result of a 2007 thesis by two Stanford students who wanted to create a device to help them both quit smoking. The palm-sized vape was designed to be discreet, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. It closely resembles the appearance of a USB stick, and can be charged via a USB port.

In addition to its convenient size and form, the Juul was also created to satisfy like a cigarette. The vape uses replaceable Juulpods which contain nicotine salts, an alternative to freebase nicotine based juices. Nic salts mimic the hit of smoking a real cigarette, and therefore are a good choice for smokers looking to quit.

There are currently five flavours of Juulpods to choose from: Royal Creme, Mango Nectar, Glacier Mint, Golden Tobacco and Apple Orchard. Each Juulpod provides around 200 puffs and comes in 20mg strength.

Juul vapes are now produced by Juul Labs, a child company of Pax Labs - one of the leading makers of nicotine salts. Apparently Juul Labs are producing up to 20 million Juulpods per month, but are struggling to keep up with demand thanks to the brand’s popularity.

When explaining the mission of Juuling to Women’s Heath, Juul Labs said, “(Our) mission is to eliminate cigarette smoking by offering existing smokers a true alternative to combustible cigarettes.”

Have you tried Juuling? If you’re trying to quit smoking, it could be an avenue to explore.