Vaping News - Social Media Ban

Social media giants Facebook have recently announced a crackdown on the sale of age-restricted items, including tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarettes and nicotine-containing e-liquids.  

The ban prohibits not only the sale of such items, but also the act of swapping or gifting of any items of this nature within groups or on marketplace pages.  

under 18 warning

Regulating activity

Although this move might spell disappointment for many Facebook groups, it does mean that regulations which should have been in place from the beginning have now implemented to keep underage Facebook users from purchasing or receiving age-restricted goods.  

The new regulations have been mirrored by social media platform Instagram, who have unequivocally called a halt to all activity relating to the trading or selling of age-restricted products, including second-hand vape goods.  

Pros and Cons

The ban could also signal the end of any competitions or giveaways which involve prizes of a controlled nature. However, its fairly likely that the ban could prompt people to turn to dedicated vaping forums in order to continue with the practice of selling, swapping and gifting vape products online. This is both a positive and a negative, as although it provides a platform for discussion, education and experimentation with different products, it is still an unregulated environment in which underage persons could gain access to products associated with or containing nicotine.  

Who does this affect?

We firmly believe that any reputable vape company operating legally and ethically should already be putting these measures in place across their social media platforms to avoid such instances of underage use of age-restricted products. Although Facebook groups and Instagram pages have undeniably helped to grow the industry, the biggest impact of the ban will be to the groups themselves, rather than to the vape industry as a whole.

Vapestore will continue to implement a strict over-18 policy for the sale of all vape devices, e-liquids and related accessories, just as we always have, to ensure the safety of our customers. This applies not only to our website, but across all our social media platforms.  


Safety should of course be of paramount importance in any industry, and you can never be too careful when dealing with second-hand electrical items of any nature. That’s why we’re right behind this legislation with the promise of upholding our own health and safety rules to the high standards we always have.   

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