Join the VApril Challenge

There is no doubting that giving up smoking is tough! Previously there wasn’t a huge amount of choice out there for the 7 million smokers in the UK, other than nicotine gum and patches.

But there is another way, one which 1.5 million ex-smokers have already discovered. Welcome to the VApril challenge!

So, what is the VApril challenge?

Supported by Dr Christian Jessen over twenty of the leading names in the Vaping industry have gotten together to help people make the switch from smoking to Vaping.

The VApril Challenge is helping people in 3 simple steps to quit smoking:

Step 1 – Get yourself to a vaping master class, they are all around the country! Vapestore are hosting two, one in our Brighton Store, and our flagship store in Guildford – Book your slots here

The team will help you with:

- An introduction to the best devices and flavours on the market;

- Advice on the ideal starter products

Step 2 – Get your hands on a free Vape to break the smoking habit guide, which provides loads of information on:

- The best way to make the transition from smoker to vaper

- The different nicotine strengths to select in line with your smoking habits

What happens when you give up smoking

- The range of devices on the market to use at different stages in your vaping journey from ‘vaping first timers’ to ‘vaping veterans’

- The different components that make up a vape device

- 5 vaping facts to encourage you to quit smoking.

Step 3 – Get social! Tell us, and others about your journey!




How can Vapestore/Vapouriz help?

Whether you’re a social, light to average or a heavy cigarette user, there is a product out there to help you quit.

A great example is our FUSE 28 Day Quit Kit, including:

- The award-winning FUSE Dual Coil Electronic Cigarette  – one of the leading ‘Pen Style’ Electronic cigarettes. With over 800,000 being sold already, the Fuse won Tank of the year at the 2016 Vapearound awards

- Three of our Vapouriz Premium E-liquids, available in four different strengths and thirteen different flavours

Still not sure about vaping?

Public Health England has concluded that choosing to vape is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Cancer Research UK conducted a yearlong study to find that smokers who made the complete switch to vaping had almost none of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking in their results!

If those two high profile organisations who are advocates of vaping aren’t enough for you, have a look at what the Royal College of Physicians, British Medical Association and Action on Smoking and Health have said about making the switch.

So, why not join the 22,000 smokers who switch to vaping every year?


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