Think Outside The (Chocolate) Box This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you’re planning to surprise someone special with a thoughtful gift or you’re spending your day V-Day with family and good friends, when February 14th comes you want your gift to stand out in a sea of cliché red roses and stuffed teddy bears.

Although chocolates, flowers and cute fluffy characters are the traditional go-to gifts for Valentines, in our opinion they don’t quite cut it - especially if you’re looking for a sincere and thoughtful present for a significant other who vapes.

So, if you’re trying to rack up some extra brownie points to get into your Valentine’s good books, treat them to an indulgent assortment of our top Valentines-inspired e-liquid flavours to really make them swoon.

Traditional Valentine’s Day flavours include anything from notes of rich chocolate and luxury ice-cream to sickly-sweet candy. Forget the candles and rose petals: vaping a few of these carefully-selected flavours will set the scene and make the air smell sweet and romantic for the perfect Valentines set-up.

Chocolate & Desserts

Putting together a scrumptious and seductive Valentine’s e-liquid gift box must include Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream by Ohm Baked. This decadent flavour encompasses a deliciously gooey oven-baked brownie with lashings of creamy vanilla ice cream. Sounds dreamy, right?

Barista Brew’s Smores Mocha Breeze is the ideal e-juice to share as you cuddle up by a cosy camp fire, evoking the taste of fluffy marshmallows toasted until golden brown and gooey. Mocha Breeze takes this taste sensation and adds freshly baked crackers with lashings of melted chocolate for an amazingly-sweet and effortlessly-romantic flavour experience.

“Would you like to see the dessert menu?”... “ER YES, ITS VALENTINES!”

Dessert is a must-have for Valentine’s Day, and some might argue that it’s even more important than the main course… That’s why a delicious dessert flavoured e-liquid should be one of the first flavours you consider when composing your Valentines e-liquid gift box.

Moonies by The Milkman is a deliciously-indulgent vanilla cake layered with milk chocolate and a surprise marshmallow filling, whilst Cookie Dough is a scrumptious sharing dish for you and your Valentine with its sumptuous notes of chewy, sweet cookie dough.

Another decadent dessert option is Air Factory’s Kookie Krunch, which is a delicious take on warm chewy cookie dough with a generous helping of rich chocolate chips.

Cherry Bakewell just screams Valentine’s Day dessert, and no other e-juice hits the mark quite like Double Drip’s Cherry Bakewell Nic Salt Blend. A delicious, decadent take on the sweet sugary dessert, Cherry Bakewell bottles the unmistakable taste of light, fluffy sponge cake layered with raspberry jam and sugared icing. This perfect little Valentines e-liquid is so good you might find your Valentine asking for seconds (and thirds, and fourths..!).

Strawberry Flavours

What’s small, sweet, red, heart-shaped and absolutely perfect for Valentines?...

Strawberries, obviously! Strawberries are one of the top flavour choices for Valentines, so you really can’t go wrong with throwing a few strawberry flavoured e-liquids into the gift box.

We love Element’s Strawberry Whip with its scrumptious mix of ripe strawberries, lashings of whipped cream and sweet, sugary shortbread. Not only does it come in a handy 10ml bottle perfect for travel, but it’s also available in Prefilled Pods for use with the Aspire Gusto Kit.

If you and your sweetheart are past the phase in your relationship where sharing food is a cute display of affection rather than an infuriating act which makes you want to brandish a defensive fork in your lover’s direction, let Vapouriz’s 50/50 Strawberry Milkshake help you hark back to those rose-tinted days of shared sips on a shake with your special someone. A smooth and creamy blend of ripe strawberries, fresh milk and a hearty helping of whipped cream, this vape will instantly transport you back to the honeymoon phase and remind you of late-night dessert dates when your infatuation outweighed your appetite.

Sharing strawberry laces Lady & The Tramp style with a zingy sprinkle of sherbet is what comes to mind when vaping Double Drip’s super-sweet e-liquid Strawberry Laces and Sherbet, and there’s no need to purchase real strawberries (with prices that are surreptitiously increased around this time of year…) when Strawberry Bliss by Vapouriz Premium is all about bottling the fresh, juicy taste of ripe strawberries.

If chocolate flavours aren’t your sweetheart’s thing, then sweets and candy are probably the best way to your Valentines heart. If you’re looking for a sweetie for your sweetie, then look no further than the Vapouriz 50/50 e-juice in Rainbow Fruits! This scrumptiously-fizzy flavour is a zingy take on rainbow sherbet encased in a fruity hard candy shell and provides unbelievable flavour when used in any style of e-cigarette setup.

No Valentine’s dinner date is complete without popping a bit of bubbly *CLINK! Pocket Fuel’s Pink Fizz e-liquid bottles a fabulous pink berry champagne cocktail and is perfect for showing your vaping Valentine beau just how special they are.

So, think outside the (chocolate) box this Valentine’s Day and put together something special which will last much longer than the wilting roses and melting chocolates which dominate the aisles at this time of the year.