Vaping News Round-up

The vaping world waits for no man (or woman) and the evolution of the mighty vape continues. Let’s look at the latest news from across the vaping community…

MPs call for e-cigs to be more widely accepted and promoted

Following a report released by Public Health England, MPs have been debating the benefits of relaxing regulations regarding vaping on buses and trains, and other public spaces. The promotion of an e-cigarette as a medical device is also gaining traction, since the evidence shows how effective vaping can be with helping people quit smoking.

Entrepreneurs develop recyclable vape pens to reduce waste

Future-focused entrepreneurs at investment company SinglePoint have backed disposable vape pens which can be easily recycled. Typically, vape devices have many different components, including elements such as a batteries, aluminium and glass - which makes them difficult to recycle. The intrepid entrepreneurs are looking into the creation of vape pens which are easier to dismantle into their various components, and therefore easier to recycle, or drop-off points for e-cigs to be recycled.

Vaping Daily votes Cosmic Fog best e-liquid of 2018 (so far)

California’s Cosmic Fog has topped the list of the best e-liquid flavours to try so far this year, as voted by online vaping news outlet, Vaping Daily. Available in a range of juicy and candy-inspired flavours, the 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids offer full bodied vapour and bold flavours. Get your hands on some Cosmic Fog online today.

Vaping co-pilot triggers plane emergency

Vaping on-board a plane is a big no-no. This is something the co-pilot of the Air China Boeing 737 from Hong Kong to Dalian should really have considered before pulling out his e-cig. The over enthusiastic vaper caused the airliner to drop by 10,00ft and oxygen masks to deploy due to the sudden drop in cabin pressure when the air conditioning automatically shut off. No vaping on planes, folks!