Biggest Vape Spenders

We knew that British vapers were among the most enthusiastic in the world, with over 3 million vapers reported and growing, rapidly closing the gap with smokers whose numbers have been dropping, on average, by about 10% every year. But a recent consumer market outlook report by Statica has shown that UK vapers spent more per capita on vaping products in 2019 than any other nation.

Around 17% of global market share can be attributed to UK vapers, with each adult spending approximately £33 in the year, with a projected spend of £36 in 2020, making £2.5bn in annual revenue.

The US follows the UK with the biggest overall market volume of £5bn or £14 per capita, followed by Canada, France and Germany as the next highest spenders on vaping.

Since 2012, the global market for e-cigarettes has been growing annually by almost 20% to £14bn, with a growth by 37% to almost £19bn over the next five years.

So while the figures show the industry to be in relatively robust health, it has had to navigate a markedly difficult period, especially in 2019 when an occurrence of vaping-related illnesses in the US, attributed to black market cannabis products, sparked a wave of anxiety among health authorities, legislators and the general public.

TPD regulations in the UK and EU inoculated European markets from much of the crisis, and thanks to support from Public Health England, the NHS and many charities like the British Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support, UK vapers continue to enjoy the activity with confidence in the quality and safety of their products.