Vapouriz Premium V-Switch Crossover Coils

These coils are available in either 0.8ohm or 1.5ohm allowing for both classic and sub-ohm vaping

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Vapouriz V-Switch Crossover Coils

These high-quality coils are the ideal match for your V-Switch setup, delivering consistently thick vapour and intense flavour payoff – not that you’d expect anything less from a Vapouriz and Innokin partnership! Two resistance options allow for crossover vaping, with the 0.8ohm coils providing a wattage rating between 16-18w, and the 1.5ohm coils facilitating 13-14w. This means that you can use any e-liquid with your V-Switch kit: all you need to do is change the coil accordingly and your options are endless! Browse our vast range of e-liquids at Vapestore to find the perfect match for your V-Switch setup. We’ve got fruits, menthols and many more in our Vapouriz classic range, desserts, coffees and liquorices in our sub ohm collection, and just about everything in-between in our Vapouriz 50:50 range.

Please note:
Sub-ohm Setup: 0.8ohm
Classic Setup: 1.5ohm

What's in the Box:

5 x 1.5ohm V-Switch Coils


5 x 0.8ohm V-Switch Coils 

About Vapouriz Premium

Vapouriz are the UK’s leading vape manufacturer of vape kits and e-liquids. Founded in 2011, Vapouriz have been one of the most influential vape brands in Europe, producing some the industry’s most innovative vape devices and eliquids, while helping to shape vaping across the UK and beyond. Millions of vapers have begun their vaping journeys with devices like the iconic FUSE starter kit and V-Switch crossover kit, while the brand new Vpod Pro is one of the simplest to use yet most advanced pod kits of its kind. You’ll find Vapouriz’s most popular vape kits right here at Vapestore.