Company Update 03/11/2020: Coronavirus


How are Vapestore handling the Coronavirus?

Since Covid-19 arrived in the spring of 2020 and the UK experienced its first national lockdown to suppress the spread of the coronavirus, Vapestore has put in place every measure to ensure that our service remains as undisrupted as possible, all while protecting our staff, facilities and our customers. From ensuring our administrative and business operations work from home, to stringent deep-cleaning at our manufacturing and warehouse facilities, we have worked diligently to comply with the advice and instructions of the government and health services.

With the support of our loyal customers and the dedication and hard work of our teams, we successfully navigated the lockdown despite having to close retail stores while meeting the huge increase in demand for vaping that made itself felt online. Since the first lockdown ended we were able to safely serve customers on the high street as well as online, until new restrictions came into effect in November 2020.


You can continue to buy from our huge selection of vape kitse-liquidscoils and accessories and our dedicated customer service team are ready to help you with your purchases or any queries you may have by email, chat or telephone.

We continue to believe that the understandable stress that can occur under lockdown conditions should never be a reason for people to fall back on harmful cigarettes and tobacco, and so we’re proud to offer Vaping as an effective and safe alternative to smoking.

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With the Government’s October announcement that the UK is to experience a second lockdown throughout November 2020, we have decided to close our retail stores from Thursday 5th November until such a time as restrictions are relaxed and we can welcome you back to our shops.

We feel that this is the right course of action as we want to play our part in supporting nationwide measures to suppress the spread of coronavirus and to protect our customers and staff. We thank our customers for their support and understanding.

Fortunately, we’ve learned a lot since covid-19 first affected the UK earlier in the year, and we have successfully adapted and strengthened our business operations to meet the challenges placed on us by the coronavirus. Our online store is more robust than ever, with incredible deals to save you money during lockdown and beyond.


Will there be a delay with my order?

With the temporary closure of retail outlets, it is inevitable that most commerce moves online for a period. This naturally puts extra pressure on distributors and the postal service to meet deliveries. Fortunately, we work hand in hand with our suppliers and have adapted our systems to ensure that our customers are impacted as little as possible. We are constantly monitoring for any problems if they occur and will always make sure to keep our customers informed about when they can expect their goods.

How long will services be affected?

The prime minister announced that the lockdown will last for the duration of November 2020, but like all businesses we have learned to be prepared should circumstances change in any direction. We are monitoring the situation 24/7, and all our energy as a company is going towards ensuring our customers’ needs continue to be met with as little disruption as possible, while always being transparent and honest.

Does vaping pose a risk from the coronavirus?

There has been no data to suggest that vaping puts anyone at any greater risk from the coronavirus. Although some vaping products are manufactured in countries first affected by the virus, the travel time from factory to store to customer all but eliminates the risk of the virus being present on the goods.

We recommend cleaning your vape products regularly from the moment you unpackage them. Use disinfectant products to wipe down your mods and kits and submerge tanks and all non-electrical components in warm soapy water. Most importantly, never allow other people to handle your vape device and associated products.