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Legendary vape kit manufacturers Geek Vape almost single-handedly popularised disposable vape bar with their bestselling Geek Bars, which remain among the very best disposable vapes around. Sleek, lightweight and comfortable to use, every Geek Bar makes vaping a simple yet incredibly satisfying experience with none of the fuss of more advanced vape kits.

Each colourful Geek Bar Disposable contains a long-lasting 500mAh battery. The even more pocket-friendly Geek Bar Lite disposable is super-compact yet can still outlast a packet of traditional cigarettes. Both Geek Bar disposables come prefilled with a mouth-watering variety of delicious flavours in 2ml capacity, and the nicotine salt e-liquid solution provides a silky smooth throat hit and super-fast relief from nicotine cravings.


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What Are Geek Bar Disposable Vapes?

Geek Bars are legendary vape manufacturer GeekVape’s take on the wildly popular Disposable vapes. These miniature vape kits offer an all-in-one, affordable solution that’s ideal for people new to vaping and any vaper that appreciates having a fuss-free, highly portable vape that delivers all the flavour and satisfaction they would expect from a more advanced vape kit. Like most UK disposables, Geek Bar disposables require no buttons and no settings to operate; using the Geek Bar is as simple as taking a puff. 

How Much Nicotine Is In A Geek Bar?

Prefilled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid at 20mg strength, the Geek Bar disposable delivers incredible flavour and near-instant relief from nicotine cravings. The autodraw feature closely simulates taking a puff on a traditional cigarette, making the disposable vape ideal for newer vapers as well as those looking for a lightweight and portable vape kit.

What Flavours Of Geek Bar Are There?

Whether you love fruit flavours, menthols, tobaccos or a combination of these, there is a flavour of Geek Bar that you’ll love. Keep it simple with classic favourites like Sweet Strawberry, Tobacco or Grape, experiment with unique dessert blends like Lemon Tart and Banana Smoothie or experience true refreshment with menthol vape flavours like Lemon Mint or Strawberry Ice ; Geek Bars come in enough varieties to satisfy any palate.

How Many Puffs Are In A Geek Bar? / How Long Do Geek Bars Last?

As a convenient all-in-one vape, a Geek Bar disposable incorporates a chamber for e-liquid and an integrated 500mAh battery designed to produce around 550 puffs – more than you would receive from a pack of traditional cigarettes. To operate you simply take a puff as you would a cigarette and enjoy rich, delicious flavour and satisfying yet discreet cloud production.

All disposable vapes are made of the same components as a standard, refillable vape kit. An internal tank holds the e-liquid and a coil that heats up to produce vapour, all powered by a battery. The only difference is that in a disposable vape all these components are built into one case. 

What Are Geek Bar Lites?

Geek Bar Lites disposable vapes are an even more convenient alternative to the original Geek Bars from GeekVape and are available in the same delicious flavours yet in an even smaller and more discreet all-in-one vape device.