A Legend Returns: the New Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit

A bestseller re-defined, the new Caliburn A2 Pod Kit is the perfect fusion of style, simplicity and performance.

Here at the Vapestore mothership, it’s fair to say that our proximity to the latest and best vape kits and e-liquids reduces us to the level of kids in a candy store with embarrassing frequency. And just like our customers, everyone one of us has a favourite type of vape kit to suit our individual needs, whether we’re fans of beefy sub-ohm kits, sleek and sexy pen-style vapes or the stealthy joys and convenience of disposable puff bars.

So it’s rare that you’ll find the bunch of us united in our excitement over one device in particular, a feverish anticipation that has only built with each agonizing new month of waiting. Thankfully though, the wait is finally over and the latest iteration of one of the most popular pod kits ever has arrived at Vapestore: the Caliburn A2 vape kit from Uwell.

When the original Caliburn landed in 2019, it took many vapers by surprise, given how Uwell had forged their reputation prior making stellar sub-ohm tanks and vape pens. The Caliburn is a refillable, fixed-coil pod kit in the mould of many similar devices at the time like the JUUL and Smok Nord, offering an incredibly lightweight and compact form factor that required barely any manual operation to enjoy great vaping on the go.


What Uwell did with the original Caliburn, however, was little short of magic: a fuss-free vape kit that actually overdelivered on its claims, producing the most astonishing flavour combined with an exceptionally satisfying draw never experienced before from such a compact device. Before long, the humble, affordable Uwell Caliburn was beating off stiff competition from the likes of such titans as SMOK and Aspire, becoming the benchmark for many closed-system pod kits.

It didn’t take long for Uwell to upgrade their stunning pod kit, releasing the excellent Uwell Caliburn G kit in 2020, which offered a more powerful battery, a dual airflow system and the ability to replace the coils rather than the whole pod, affording more freedom to tailor the experience for different MTL (Mouth to Lung) sensations.


Now, with the new Caliburn A2, Uwell have returned to the no-nonsense simplicity and incredible performance that made the original such a game-changer. The device is as sleek and lightweight as ever, easily slipping into any pocket or compartment. The kit has a built-in 520mAh battery that can be charged in record time thanks to the addition of USB-C charging, although it’s worth bearing in mind that the Caliburn A2 doesn’t ship with a USB-C cable.

Like the original the Caliburn A2 offers the choice between two modes of operation. There is a manual fire mode where you press the fire button to vape. Uwell have wisely re-designed the button on the A2 to be recessed, preventing misfires in the pocket, although you can lock the device with a few clicks of the button. And then there is the Autodraw mode – perfected by the original and, according to many vapers, never bettered – that lets you vape the device by drawing on it as you would a traditional cigarette. With the A2, Uwell have restricted the airflow just slightly, producing an even richer, more intense vape than ever before.

Another welcome addition is the new e-liquid window that lets you see just how much juice you have left in the pod. The new Caliburn A2 pods themselves connect to the battery with strong magnets and can be refilled by removing the cap which helps to prevent leaks and debris collecting in the mouthpiece. The pods include a fixed 0.9ohm coil for the most incredible flavour – equal to, if not better than the original Caliburn pods - and a smooth yet satisfying throat hit. As closed-system pods, when your coil begins to produce less flavour, you simply dispose of the pod and replace with a new one. Designed for a perfect MTL (mouth-to-lung) experience, the pods are versatile enough that they can be used with high-PG50/50 and nicotine salts eliquids.

So, was our white-knuckled anticipation of the latest version of the incredible Caliburn pod kit justified? Judge for yourself when you pick up your Uwell Caliburn A2 pod kit from Vapestore today!

New! Double Drip Dot Pro Pod Kit and Pods

The most iconic Double Drip e-liquid flavours meet their perfect match in the super-sleek and convenient Dot Pro pod kit designed for incredible flavour and effortless enjoyment…

Some matches were simply meant to be. Romeo and Juliet, Batman and Robin, Rick and Morty, Cheese and Marmite – when perfect partners play together perfectly, the results can be truly moving, heroic, hilarious or ludicrously delicious.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between two of the biggest names in vaping: the Double Drip Dot Pro pod kit!

What is Double Drip?

Double Drip are, well, Double Drip: one of the most recognisable and renowned e-liquid brands to have come out of the UK during the last decade. The award-winning e-liquids that have emerged from Vapouriz Labs under the Double Drip banner have inspired and influenced countless other vape juice brands, while drawing countless vapers to Double Drip’s uniquely delicious flavours and bold, vibrant designs.

Double Drip is home to some of the most legendary e-liquid flavours to have ever graced a vape tank or pod. From bestsellers Menthol Mist and Raspberry Sherbet to unique dessert flavours found nowhere else such as Mango Raspberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Banana Waffle.

What is a Dot Pro?

The Dot Pro, on the other hand, is one of the most popular kits of its kind: the pre-filled pod vape kit. Not to be confused with vape disposables or ‘puff’ bars, disposable pod kits like the Dot Pro instead offer pods pre-filled with your favourite e-liquid flavours, with fixed coils that are disposed of with the pod itself. That means there are no fiddly coil changes or tanks to disassemble and reassemble on the Dot Pro, or messy e-liquid refills - just a smooth, ergonomic mouthpiece with a 2ml chamber filled with a choice of e-liquids that attaches easily into the device with the help of magnets.

When the pod begins to lose flavour it simply means that the coil has reached the end of its life, so all you need to do is dispose of the pod and replace with a fresh one. Try the same flavour or experiment with another; the Dot Pro gives you the freedom to try fresh new flavours, from some of the leading e-liquid brands to have partnered with the Dot Pro, whenever the mood takes you.

The Dot Pro device itself is one of the sleekest and most compact vape kits around, with a smooth, subtle, understated style that lends itself particularly well to discreet ‘stealth’-style vaping. Powered by a 350mAh battery that’s capable of a full charge in just 45 minutes, the Dot Pro is an ideal vape kit for when you’re on the go. The Dot Pro’s advanced draw-activated design means you can take a puff by simply drawing on the device, which makes it a great kit for newer vapers thanks to the way it so uncannily mimics taking a puff on a traditional cigarette.

Double Drip Dot Pro Starter Kit

The Double Drip Dot Pro starter kit is a super-compact, lightweight and highly portable vape kit that uses disposable pods prefilled with delicious Double Drip nicotine salt e-liquids, which not only satisfy cravings faster but taste amazing from the first vape to the last. With no buttons or settings to adjust and no tank to refill, you simply click a pre-filled pod into place and start vaping.

The flavour is further enriched with the built-in coil’s advanced honeycomb mesh core that evenly absorbs and heats the e-liquid for immaculate flavour and a smooth, warm and satisfying vape. The 350mAh internal battery is powerful enough to see most users through a full-day of use, aided by a 45-minute recharge time.

Double Drip Dot Pro Starter Kit Raspberry Sherbet

This Dot Pro kit includes one Dot Pro kit complete with 350mAh battery mod, cable, user manual and a 2ml pod prefilled with Double Drip’s bestselling Raspberry Sherbet: an irresistible candy flavour with the bold, fruity tang of ripe raspberry and the tickle of sweet, fizzy sherbet on the exhale.

Double Drip Dot Pro Starter Kit Original Tobacco

This Dot Pro kit includes one Dot Pro pod complete with 350mAh battery mod, cable, user manual and a 2ml pod prefilled with Double Drip’s irresistible Original Tobacco flavour: Rich, satisfying, authentic tobacco with subtle hints of smoke and spice and a silky-smooth throat sensation

Double Drip Dot Pro Starter Kit Menthol Mist

This Dot Pro kit includes one Dot Pro kit complete with 350mAh battery mod, cable, user manual and a 2ml pod prefilled with Double Drip’s legendary Menthol Mist flavour: a perfectly balanced blend of crisp, cool Menthol with a delicate, refreshing sweetness from Peppermint.

Double Drip Dot Pro 2ml Pre-filled Pods

Double Drip Dot Pro Cherry Bakewell Pods x2

This pack of two replaceable Dot Pro pods come prefilled with Double Drip’s Cherry Bakewell flavour: Deliciously rich and comforting almond sponge sweetened with juicy cherry, sweet raspberry jam and thick sugar frosting.

Double Drip Dot Pro Super Berry Sherbet Pods x 2

This pack of two replaceable Dot Pro pods come prefilled with Double Drip’s mouth-watering, tongue-tingling Super Berry Sherbet: An irresistibly fruity explosion of Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries laced with fizzy notes of sweet, tangy Sherbet.

Double Drip Dot Pro Menthol Mist Pods x 2

This pack of two replaceable Dot Pro pods come prefilled with Double Drip’s legendary Menthol Mist flavour: a perfectly balanced blend of crisp, cool Menthol with a delicate, refreshing sweetness from Peppermint.

Double Drip Dot Pro Cherry Original Tobacco Pods x 2

This pack of two replaceable Dot Pro pods come prefilled with Double Drip’s irresistible Original Tobacco flavour: Rich, satisfying, authentic tobacco with subtle hints of smoke and spice and a silky-smooth throat sensation

Double Drip Dot Pro Raspberry Sherbet Pods x 2

This pack of two replaceable Dot Pro pods come prefilled with Double Drip’s bestselling Raspberry Sherbet: an irresistible flavour with the bold, fruity tang of ripe raspberry and the tickle of sweet, fizzy sherbet on the exhale.

Five Divine New E-Liquid Flavours from Zeus Juice

Three exhilarating new flavours and two ‘Reloaded’ classics herald the arrival of five delicious shortfills from UK Vaping gods, Zeus Juice…

We’ve been waiting for a little while to see what Olympian innovations will emerge next from one the UK’s most exciting e-liquid makers and the innovators behind such modern e-liquid classics as the Zeus Juice Black Reloaded and Zeus Juice Dodoberry. And now, with the arrival of five incredible new premium flavours from Zeus Juice at Vapestore, we’re thrilled to say that the wait has been more than worth it.

Zeus Juice’s ‘Five New Gods’ are a stunning range of shortfills made up of two ‘Reloaded’ flavours, both twists on two of Zeus’ most popular flavours, Vermilion and Dimpleberry, and three completely new flavours including two fruits, Adonis and The Animal, as well as a truly decadent new dessert flavour, Cinnabird.

All these new Zeus Juice UK flavours come in 50ml shortfill bottles: nicotine-free, high-VG e-liquids with space for a 10ml nicotine shot to let you tailor your vape’s nicotine content to your preference. Their 70% VG 30% PG ratio make them ideal for high-powered pod kitsmods and sub-ohm tanks. They’re manufactured to the highest standards at Zeus’ HQ in Birmingham, from the best quality ingredients.

We can’t wait any longer to talk about these divine new flavours from Zeus Juice, so let’s all say a prayer and dive right in…

Zeus Juice Cinnabird Shortfill 50ml


Cinnabird is a uniquely decadent dessert flavour that features a rich, buttery baked scone base with the perky, tart sweetness of fresh blueberries and a dusting of warming, comforting cinnamon spice. Just to smell Cinnabird is like hovering at the door of the god’s own bakery. Simply unmissable if you love dessert e-liquids.


Zeus Juice Vermilion Reloaded Shortfill 50ml


“The lifeblood of the gods, the colour of the divine.” Such is power of vermilion, it’s a wonder that Zeus Juice have bottled this divine sauce at all, but bottled it they have with their delicious Vermilion Reloaded shortfill. Rich, juicy Cherries are given a lift from bracing menthol to create a flavoursome and unforgettable e-liquid. Every bit as delicious as the original Vermilion, this reloaded version simply ups the ante on the menthol for even more refreshment.


Zeus Juice Adonis Shortfill 50ml


Adonis from Zeus Juice is a ludicrously sweet and juicy berry vape and a divine flavour experience from the UK mix masters, Zeus Juice. Adonis pushes sweet, juicy luscious strawberry to the foreground, which gently segues into the tarter tang of ruby red raspberries for an irresistible edge to the exhale. This expertly crafted blend delivers a sumptuous taste of summer all-year round.


Zeus Juice The Animal Shortfill 50ml


Anyone who’s ever experienced the deliciously sweet and edgy blend of dark berries, blackcurrants and menthol that make up Zeus Juice’s legendary The Black vape juice, will love this even fruitier take on a modern classic. The Animal dares to add a fresh, zesty layer of juicy oranges to the mix producing an even more primal and irresistible e-liquid


Zeus Juice Dimp Reloaded Shortfill 50ml


Zeus Juice’s legendary Dimpleberry ejuice gets the Reloaded treatment, reinventing that exquisite e-liquid’s rich, sweet berry base by upping the ante on the juice’s refreshing eucalyptus notes and bracing menthol – a canny blend of flavours that has made the ‘Dimpleberry’ such a modern, and much-imitated, classic. With more pronounced menthol and eucalyptus, the ‘Dimp’ has huge appeal for vapers who love fruity e-liquids with a subtle, botanical twist.


Introducing Two New Exciting Double Drip Nic Salt Flavours

The rich, comforting, timeless satisfaction of Original Tobacco and the fruity, summery delights of Strawberry Burst are the latest exciting new flavours to join Double Drip’s bestselling Nic Salt collection.

With the addition of two exciting new flavours, Double Drip’s dynamic collection of nicotine salt 10ml e-liquids is expanding, and vapers couldn’t be happier. The legendary UK e-liquid brand has long been known for its mouth-watering and unique flavour blends coupled with fresh, dynamic design that resonates with the vaper’s lifestyle.

And while Double Drip continually push their e-liquids into bold new flavour territory, the latest two flavours to join the nic salt line-up have been carefully crafted to deliver a classic, pure flavour experience that give a knowing nod to the original - and still incredibly popular - flavours that vapers have loved since vaping’s earliest years.

Nic-Salt-Original Tobacco-with-both-boxes

Double Drip’s new Original Tobacco Nic Salt e-liquid perfectly captures the timeless satisfaction of a rich, authentic Virginia tobacco blend. The subtle, spicy flavour and warm, woody aromas greet your senses on the inhale, riding the exhale to produce an incredibly smooth and satisfying vape that manages to taste even better than the real thing! With its super-smooth nicotine salt formula, Double Drip’s new Original Tobacco is easy on the throat and provides almost immediate relief from nicotine cravings - the perfect solution for newer vapers seeking to replace traditional cigarettes with an e-liquid that tastes every bit as satisfying.


Double Drip’s new Strawberry Burst Nic Salt e-liquid delivers a mouth-watering rush of irresistibly succulent and juicy strawberry flavour. Thus irresistible fruity e-liquid carries all the juicy, jammy sweetness of freshly picked English strawberries, which collide over your tastebuds in a wave of ripe, fragrant, summery bliss. Deliciously sweet with a subtle sharp tang on the exhale, just like the real thing, Strawberry Burst’s nicotine salt formula provides an even smoother throat hit than regular e-liquids, making this an endlessly appealing all-day vape and an unmissable treat for fans of authentic fruit flavours.

What Are Nicotine Salt E-liquids?

Nicotine Salts are derived from nicotine’s natural state, and differ from regular freebase nicotine in that they can be introduced to e-liquid with a higher concentration of nicotine. Higher nicotine strength in freebase e-liquids can often produce a harsh and uncomfortable throat ‘hit’, but with nicotine salts, the sensation is far more comfortable without sacrificing any flavour, although the cloud production is commonly less than would be had from standard e-liquids.

Double Drip Nic Salt’s 50VG/50PG blend provides the perfect balance of flavour and cloud production and the nicotine salt solution makes it ideal for use in classic e-cigarette starter vape kits and pod vape devices. Nicotine Salt e-liquids are perfect for recent ex-smokers or vapers seeking the immediate, satisfying nicotine relief and smooth throat hit provided by nic salts.

The Best E-liquids of 2020

Despite the challenges of 2020, for vapers our e-cigarettes and eliquids have been ever-faithful companions, always at hand to help us cope and, most importantly, stay away from that harmful old crutch of yesteryear – the traditional cigarette. Fortunately, whatever obstacles 2020 has thrown in our path, it hasn’t slowed down the bumper crop of new eliquids, and some old favourites, that jostle for recognition as our favourite e-juice of the year.

From long-lasting shortfills to super-smooth nic salts, from e-juice from some of the biggest brands in vaping to plucky new contenders, this year has seen a galaxy of incredible flavours shower down on us. And while we continue to enjoy flavours across all the main categories, including fruits, bakery, tobacco, menthol and desserts, it’s been super-exciting to see new flavours emerge from the world’s boldest flavourists, tastes that tantalise the senses with innovative new flavour profiles.

As the year begins to wind up, we thought we’d take on the daunting challenge of choosing some of the best eliquids of 2020, whether individual flavours that stand apart or product lines that represent the highest quality. These are flavours that have captured our tastebuds and have reminded us what an exciting, forward-looking and creative industry we belong to, one that keeps gifting vapers with incredible eliquid flavours, month after month. Hold tight, it’s about to get tasty!

Best Classic, High PG, Freebase Eliquids in 2020

What are High-PG eliquids?

High-PG, or ‘classic’, eliquids typically contain a higher ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG), two common food-grade chemicals that carry the flavour and nicotine that make up e-liquid. PG typically carries flavour better than VG and provides a stronger throat hit. And because classic eliquids are made from freebase nicotine, they’re often cheaper to produce which passes the savings on to you, the customer.

Best High-PG eliquid of 2020: Vampire Vape


For many UK vapers, Vampire Vape need little in the way of introduction. The UK vape pioneers were formed in 2012 and built their brand’s name on the quality and affordability of their eliquids. Many of Vampire Vape’s flavours have become icons among vapers and helped show the industry just what was possible when eliquid creators dared to take a chance on bold, original flavours. You only have to think of Heisenberg, the Breaking Bad-inspired blend of hot cinnamon, cool menthol and sweet berries, or the deliciously fruity Pinkman.

Vampire Vape continue to produce ground-breaking eliquid flavours across nic salts, high-PG and shortfills, but for that distinctive, classic, High-PG throat hit and intense flavour, their freebase eliquids are still among the very best.


Succulent ripe mangoes lend their sunny sweetness to exotic coconut, while a subtle menthol background makes this an irresistible all-day vape.


The 'other' iconic eliquid from Vampire Vape, Pinkman e-liquid delivers an exquisite eruption of a mouth-watering fruit flavours.


Vampire Vape's Blood Sucka delivers a combination of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol.

Best High-PG eliquid of 2020: Vapouriz


Vapouriz have been at the forefront of UK vaping since 2011, and their classic freebase eliquids continue to be bestsellers. In fact, at Vapestore, we sell more Vapouriz high-PG juices than virtually any other e cig liquid! Thousands of smokers have made the switch to vaping thanks to Vapouriz high-PG juices, something that can be attributed to the purity of their taste and the quality of the ingredients. Vapouriz classic high-PG premium eliquids provide the familiar throat hit of traditional cigarettes with clean, crisp, authentic flavours, making them the ideal choice for people new to vaping. To this day, vapers are still drawn to such perennial favourites as Classic Tobacco, Strawberry Bliss and Millionaires Menthol, years after they first captivated taste buds.


Outrageously cool, fresh and satisfying, Millionaires Menthol is perfect for anyone who loves the Menthol Special Blend but wants something with an even stronger hit of Menthol.


Vapouriz Blueberry e-liquid is fresh and naturally fruity without being too sweet. If you're a blueberry fan and a vaper then you will love this e-liquid!


Bite into the taste of apple with Vapouriz Juicy Apple e-liquid. Fresh and crisp, this is a proper apple-flavoured e-liquid that bottles the full-bodied, rounded taste of apple - it's tart, tangy and mildly sweet.

Best Shortfills and High VG Sub-Ohm E-liquids in 2020

What are Shortfills and High-VG eliquids?

High-VG, or ‘Sub-Ohm’ eliquids contain a higher ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG). VG creates those thick, dense clouds that make vaping such a great substitute for smoking while being easier on the throat than PG. VG liquids can take higher power outputs from devices they’re compatible with; devices that use sub-ohm coils, or coils that fire at below 1.0ohm resistance, hence the term ‘sub-ohm’ eliquids.

Shortfill eliquid bottles usually come in bottles of 60ml volume that contain 50ml of nicotine-free High-VG eliquid with 10ml of space to top up with a 10ml nicotine shot ‘booster’. Some brands also offer 100ml e liquid bottles of vapour juice. Since high-VG e-liquid is usually used in devices with higher power outputs, it can be easy to get through liquid fast. The beauty of shortfills is that, depending upon how frequently you vape, a shortfill can potentially last for weeks.

Best Shortfills of 2020: Pocket Fuel


Pocket Fuel e-liquids are one of the most iconic vaping lines to emerge from the UK. Produced by industry leaders Vapouriz Labs, they offer an irresistible line-up of flavours that explode on the tongue and ignite the senses. 2020 has seen a reboot of the famous brand, distilling the range into eight irresistible shortfills, while absorbing a few classic flavours from the Pure Evil range, another popular line from Vapouriz’ past. Keep an eye out for exciting news about even more new Pocket Fuel eliquids coming soon, but in the meantime, why not try Pocket Fuel for yourself and see what all the buzz is about?


A perfect balance of sharp, zingy citrus and the smooth tropical sweetness of Papaya.


Pocket Fuel's short-fill Menthol Mist is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet peppermint and cooling menthol.


Sweet, sharp blackcurrants blended with a subtle aniseed spice, given an icy lift from refreshing menthol.

Best Shortfills of 2020: Zeus Juice


Since 2011, the Zeus Group has been manufacturing some of the highest quality eliquids in the UK. With original flavours designed by master mixer Paul Curtis, the range has grown, adapted and improved over time so that now Zeus juices can be found in the tanks and pods of thousands of vapers. Among our favourite premium e liquid Zeus juices to grace Vapestore this year, we can’t get enough of Dragon’s Claw which blends dragon fruit, grapes, aniseed and menthol for a truly bold and deliciously original flavour, and the rich and creamy, custardy joys of Midas.


Clean, crisp and refreshing, Phoenix Tears by Zeus is a bracing breeze in eliquid form from Zeus Juice.


Rich, soothing butterscotch rides above aromatic vanilla and a creamy custard base.


Death by Bunny by Zeus Juice is bursting with succulent strawberries blended with rich, smooth cream.

Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquids in 2020

What are Nicotine Salt Eliquids?

Nicotine Salt e-liquids, often referred to as nic salts, are designed to mimic the strength and sensation of the nicotine found in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Although they are primarily intended for use with Pod Kits, nic salts can in fact be used with any tank with a higher resistance coil. Nicotine salts deliver nicotine to the bloodstream far quicker than standard nicotine-containing e-liquids, providing unprecedented relief from cravings.

Best Nicotine Salt of 2020: Riot Squad Hybrid Salts


Riot Squad’s 2020 Nicotine Salt e-liquids are formulated with hybrid nicotine, an innovative blend of freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. This combination of freebase and salt nicotine gives the most realistic alternative to a cigarette to help people stop smoking successfully.

Riot Squad’s hybrid nicotine juices have deftly bridged the gap between the satisfying throat sensation of freebase juices and the craving-killing strength of higher nicotine found in nic salts. It helps further that this year’s batch of Riot Squad hybrid nic salt best vape juice uk are all unfailingly delicious, with the Punx range being a particular highlight thanks to flavours like tropical Guava, Passion Fruit & Pineapple and the sharp, sweet and refreshing Blackcurrant and Watermelon.


This exquisite cocktail of exotic, tropical fruits provides a sun-soaked rush of flavour thanks to rich guava, bittersweet passion fruit and tangy pineapple


A decadent blend of rich, sweet cherry and cooling menthol delivers an incredibly refreshing, mouth-watering vape from beginning to end.


Death by Bunny by Zeus Juice is bursting with succulent strawberries blended with rich, smooth cream.

Best Nicotine Salt of 2020: IVG Salts


IVG are a bestselling UK vape brand that take their name from the main component in their e-liquids: Vegetable Glycerine. This substance provides the thick, rich and flavourful clouds which have now become synonymous with the IVG range, whether balanced to perfection in 50/50 blends or in nic salt formulations. The most recent crop of IVG nic salt juices have, to our taste buds, been their best yet, with the brand’s flair for delicious nostalgia on full display in such flavours as Riberry Lemonade, Bubblegum and Rainbow Blast.


This e-liquid is packed with bright lemon and juicy lime laced with sugary sherbet for an invigorating vape.


Get ready for a psychedelic blast of fruit candy flavour shot through with an enticing sour note


A blend of sharp, tangy blackcurrants, sweet wild berries and a classic refreshing lemonade.

Best 50/50 Eliquids of 2020

What are 50/50 eliquids?

All e-liquids contain a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), plus nicotine and flavours. PG tends to enhance the flavour it carries and provides a more tangible throat sensation, called a ‘throat hit’. VG, on the other hand, is easier on the throat and provides the vapour when heated up by the coil in the vape device. With 50:50 e-juices, vapers can enjoy e cig juice with the intense flavour of PG with the smoother throat sensation and rich clouds of VG. It’s the perfect balance.

Best 50/50 Eliquid of 2020: Just Juice 50/50


Already one of the most popular eliquid producers in the UK, despite only launching in 2019, Just Juice’s award-winning fruity flavours have lent themselves perfectly to 50/50 eliquid. The Just Juice 50/50 range boasts mouth-watering hits such as the exotic Blood Orange, Citrus and Guava, tangy, sweet and refreshing Kiwi and Cranberry on Ice and the incredible limited edition Berry Burst and Lemonade.


The crispy tang of fresh apples and the mellow sweetness of juicy pears, with an invigorating menthol kick for a cool inhale.


Taste the tropics with Just Juice’s sublime 50/50 blend of sweet ripe mangoes and  tangy passionfruit.


Blue Raspberry is a mouth-watering raspberry e-liquid given a tangy twist that’s sharp and sweet

Best 50/50 Eliquids of 2020: Doozy Vape Co. 50/50


Doozy Vape Co’s e-liquids exude premium quality, using only the best ingredients for maximum flavour. This has been realised to perfection in their 50/50 eliquid range which demonstrates Doozy Vape’s skill at producing incredibly accurate and utterly delicious, classic flavours, including luscious Blue Raspberry, tangy Mixed Berries and a truly amazing take on classic Strawberry.


Sweet, tart blackcurrants and the gentle spice of aniseed make a wickedly dark pairing in this incredibly moreish ejuice


Succulent fresh grapes and tangy berries make this an irresistibly fruity vape from Doozy Vape Co.


Nothing beats the pure, clean rush of menthol for sheer refreshment and this sublime eliquid from Doozy Vape Co doesn't dissapoint.

Best Menthol Eliquids in 2020


Dimpleberry by Zeus is an expertly balanced blend of juicy berries with a soothing botanical note from eucalyptus. That delicious sensation is capped with an invigorating dash of cool menthol on the exhale for a supremely satisfying all-day vape.


Sensation X is Ohm Brew’s first Menthol recipe, and it delivers on every front. That unmistakable minty freshness and pure refreshment of menthol is given a subtle, beguiling complexity in this fabulous juice that should be in every menthol lover’s tank.


For an uplifting, sweet and refreshing minty e-liquid, Solt’s Spearmint delivers a delicious jolt of sugary-cool flavour with a super-smooth throat hit.

Best Tobacco Eliquids in 2020


Super-satisfying with an irresistible, subtle sweetness, this sublime ejuice from Doozy Vape Co. delivers all the rich, smoky flavour of real tobacco, softened by the sweet, soothing notes of dark caramel.


Smooth, light tobacco softened with a rich, silky cream; Cream Leaf by Riot Squad is a fabulous take on traditional tobacco-flavoured e-liquid given a dash of dreamy decadence.

menthol tobacco

Vapouriz's Menthol tobacco offers a rich and full-bodied tobacco flavour that is wonderfully complemented by a smooth wave of deeply invigorating menthol.

Best Fruit Flavours in 2020


An incredibly well-balanced eliquid, Ohm Boy layers tart Rhubarb with sweet Raspberry, delicately finished with the floral notes of Orange Blossom.


Tasting like a luxurious cross between tangy lemonade and a sweet cherry crush, the addition of a cooling layer of iced blueberries finish off this exquisite e-liquid to perfection.


Berry fans were spoiled this year with a juice from Pocket Fuel that offers a multi-layered cocktail of seven delicious berries, each as sweet and distinct as the other.

Best Bakery and Dessert Eliquids in 2020


Few desserts can compare to the unctuous pleasures of a Banoffee Pire. Here the treat is captured to perfection by Only Eliquids with gooey caramel, rich bananas folded into cream over a buttery, biscuity base.


Strawberry Churrios is The Milkman’s delicious breakfast blend of rich, fresh milk over rubbly, hearty churros with irresistible layers of warm, spicy cinnamon and fresh-tasting strawberries.


Berry fans were spoiled this year with a juice from Pocket Fuel that offers a multi-layered cocktail of seven delicious berries, each as sweet and distinct as the other.

Let us know what your favourite ELiquids have been in 2020 on our Facebook page or Instagram

The Best Vape Tanks of 2020

As vaping products continue to evolve and innovate, the tank remains a fundamental component for many devices and an iconic element of the vaper lifestyle. A delivery system for eliquid vapour, and a component that is highly customisable, no two tanks are set up the same way owing to their ability to adapt and adjust to the individual vaper’s needs and style.

With the recent arrival of the now ubiquitous pod vape, pods and tanks can often be confused for each other as they largely do the same job in a similar way. But to explore what we think have been the best vape tanks so far in 2020, we’re going to focus on classic sub-ohms tanks and why they deliver such a satisfying and rewarding experience for millions of vapers.

What is a Vape Tank?

Also known as a clearomiser, tanks are in essence a chamber that contains your eliquid. Within that chamber is a wire coil, that acts like an element in a kettle. The coil is heated by an electric current from the battery, which in turn heats up the e-liquid in the pod or tank producing vapour that can be inhaled.

Other components that make up a classic tank are a mouthpiece or ‘drip tip’, a 510 connector which is the threaded connection that allows any tank to be paired with any mod (the battery) so long as they share a 510 connection, an adjustable airflow ring and a refill port for topping up the chamber with eliquid. From a few core elements, vape tanks have emerged in many styles and configurations.

What E-liquids should you use with Vape Tanks?

Unlike pods kits which commonly use eliquids of a thinner consistency such as high-PG, 50/50 and nicotine salts e-liquids, tanks fall into the realm of sub-ohm vaping which typically use thicker, High-VG eliquids.

These eliquids require coils of a lower electrical resistance – below 1.0ohms, hence the term ‘sub-ohm’ – that can fire at higher power outputs, producing thick, dense clouds, fantastic flavour and a smooth, comfortable throat hit.

That’s why tanks are commonly paired with higher power mods that can fire between 40 watts and even up to 240 watts to get the most performance out of the tank and the coil.

Our favourite Vape Tanks of 2020

The following collection represents what we think have been the best sub-ohm tank in 2020, and all stand among the best vape tanks for flavour and the best vape tanks for clouds. Some may have been released a while ago but still perform among the very best tanks, while others are newcomers that bring pioneering new features.

Inspired by GeekVape’s bestselling Zeus RTA X tank, this sub-ohm version delivers incredible flavour that rides on thick, luscious clouds for a truly satisfying sub-ohm vape. Meticulously engineered and beautifully designed, the Zeus tank oozes GeekVape’s signature premium thanks to high-end materials and iconic aesthetics. The tank features a top-fill refill system beneath a removable cap that reveals two large juice ports for easy, mess-free refilling and a tactile and smooth adjustable airflow that lets you precisely hone the draw on the tank to deliver your preferred intensity of flavour and clouds.

Changing coils is a breeze thanks to the Zeus’ pre-built coil system, and the Zeus is designed for use with GeekVape’s peerless Z mesh coils, available in Z1 0.4 Ohm or a Z2 0.2 Ohm.


2ml eliquid capacity
22mm Diameter
Removable Top Cap
810 Drip Tip
Dual Top Adjustable Airflow
Top Fill system
510 Connection Port

What’s in the Box:

Zeus 2ml Sub Ohm Vape Tank
Z2 0.2 Ohm Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed)
Z1 0.4 Ohm Mesh Coil
Coil Removal Tool
Pack Of Replacement Parts
User Manual

Innokin have been defining great vape tanks for years, but the Scion II, the upgraded version of the original Scion tank, still stands as one of the best sub-ohm tanks the vape pioneers have ever produced. The tank’s cool barrel design is crowned with one of the most comfortable drip tips we’ve come across (interchangeable with other drip tips if you prefer. A clever feature is a childproof lock for extra safety while the tank can be easily refilled thanks to large refill ports. Adjustable airflow lets you tailor your draw to your preference.

The Scion II tank can use Innokin’s 0.5ohm BVC coils, included with the tank, or the Plexus 3D Mesh Coils.


E-liquid capacity 2ml
Easy top filling system
Adjustable Airflow
Diameter: 24mm
Complies with UK TPD vaping regulations

What's in the Box:

1 x Innokin Scion 2ml Tank
1 x 0.5ohm BVC coil
1 x Vape Band
1 x Glass Tube
1 x Spare O-ring set
1 x Spare Drip Tip
1 x User Manual

Few vape products carry the sort of heritage as Aspire’s legendary Nautilus line, but the beloved family of tanks and kits can now add the Nautilus GT sub-ohm tank, a collaboration by Aspire and Taifun, to its storied ranks. While it may look and perform like a sub-ohm tank, the Nautilus GT is compatible with all of Aspire’s incredible BVC coils and 2S Mesh coils giving it the versatility to allow for mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. Five airflow holes and adjustable airflow deliver a vape that’s perfect for every kind of e-liquid fan.

The Nautilus GT wears design studio Taifun’s distinctive cotemporary-minimalist styling in the knurled design alongside Aspire’s preference for solid, precision-engineered materials, such as those found in the thicker stainless-steel base, designed for faster heat dissipation


2ml e-liquid capacity

Top filling

Adjustable airflow

Range of coils

MTL & DTL vaping

Compatible with high VG and high PG e-liquids

What's in the Box:

1 x Nautilus GT Tank (2.0 ml)

2 x Coils: 1 x Nautilus BVC Coil 1.6Ω / 1 x Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil 0.7Ω(Preinstalled)

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

1 set of O-rings

The Smok TFV9 vape tank is easily the most popular tank of Smok’s TFV range. The 2ml tank is made from hard-wearing stainless steel and pyrex glass and features adjustable airflow for unparalleled customisability. The TFV9 can be easily refilled by releasing the push to fill top cap and filling the tank through the exposed refill port for a clean, mess-free experience.

Its 510 connector makes the tank compatible with most powerful mods. Compatible with either Smok TFV9 mesh coils 0.15ohm or the V8 Baby 0.15ohm mesh coils, whichever coil you use, the TFV9 delivers the most incredible flavour and immense clouds to satisfy every sub-ohm, high-VG eliquid fan.


2 ml E-Liquid Capacity
Thread: 510
Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass Construction
Bottom Adjustable Airflow
Push-To-Fill Top Cap Design

What’s in the Box:

1 x Smok TFV9 2ml Sub Ohm Vape Tank
2 x Smok TFV9 0.15 Ohm Mesh Coils (1 x Pre-Installed)
1 x Replacement Glass Tube
User Manual

The Fireluke line of tanks from vape innovators Freemax have become a firm favourite among sub-ohm vapers, and the Fireluke 2 continues the Chinese firm’s pioneering engineering and design. The Fireluke 2 tank boasts patented 360 e-liquid feeding technology for perfect wicking and flavour and a slide-to-open top-fill design, making the task of refilling with e-liquid extremely fast, easy and clean. Adjustable bottom airflow allows you to fine-tune the intensity of the inhale to suit your preferences.

The Firemax 2 tank is compatible with all coils from the original Fireluke tank series, plus a selection of new and improved coils designed specifically to enhance the performance and flavour payoff of your e-liquids. Freemax Vape Produce a wide range of quality vape products, have a look at the full Freemax range.


2ml eliquid capacity

Coil: X1 Mesh Coil (0.150hm 40-90W) / X2 Mesh Coil (0.2ohm 40-80W) / X3 Mesh Coil (0.15ohm 50-90W)

Sub ohm vape tank


Adjustable dual airflow

810 drip tip

510 connection

Uses mesh coil technology

What’s in the Box:

Freemax 2ml Fireluke 2 Tank

Spare Parts

Freemax TX1 0.15 Ohm Mesh Coil

Freemax TX2 0.20 Ohm Mesh Coil

User Manual

The Falcon King vape tank from HorizonTech is an upgraded version of the popular Falcon model and is perhaps the most no-nonsense sub ohm tank currently available on the market. To fill the Falcon King with e-liquid, simply press the button located on the side of the tank and the lid will pop open without any twisting or fiddling. The Falcon King tank is equipped with a convenient 510 thread connection, making it suitable for use with a wide range of mid to high-power regulated mods while a durable stainless-steel and Pyrex glass construction gives the Falcon King a robust finish and an attractive resin mouthpiece adds a dash of effortless style to your sub-ohm setup.

The Falcon King is compatible with the entire Falcon coil series, including the brand-new M-Dual 0.38ohm mech coil and the M1+ 0.16ohm mesh coil. Both coils utilise innovative bamboo fibre core technology which promotes intense, even flavour, billowing vapour production and an overall longer lifespan for the coil.


2ml e-liquid capacity

Materials: Stainless Steel & Resin


510 Thread

810 Drip Tip


What's in the Box:

1 x Falcon King Tank
M-Dual 0.38ohm Mesh Coil 80w
M1+ 0.16ohm Mesh Coil 75w
1 x Drip Tip
1 x Replacement Glass
Spare O-Rings

UK vaping pioneers, Vapouriz, bottled lightning when they teamed up with vape giant Innokin to produce the outstanding V-Switch tank. Made from stainless-steel and Pyrex, this tank is robust and durable yet effortlessly stylish. Designed for use with the bestselling crossover V-Switch kit, the V-Switch tank is nevertheless compatible with most sub-ohm mods that have a 510 connection.

The tanks uses V-Switch crossover coils, designed by Innokin, and can facilitate classic and sub ohm vaping thanks to interchangeable 0.8 and 1.5ohm coils. The 0.8ohm coils are best used between 16-18watts for high-VG eliquids and a DL (direct lung) sensation, and the 1.5ohm coils facilitate 13-14watts for a sublime MTL (mouth-to-lung) vape.


2ml e-liquid capacity

Resistance: 0.8ohm and 1.5 ohm
810 Drip Tip
510 Threading

What's in the Box:

1 x 2ml V-Switch Tank
1 x 0.8ohm Push Fit Coil
1 x 1.5ohm Push Fit Coil
1 x Spare Drip Tip
Spare Silicone Seals
User Manual

The apex of Uwell’s game-changing Crown line of sub-ohm tanks, the Crown 4 tank from Uwell features a bevy of improvements from the previous tanks in the Crown series, including a sturdier construction and a simplified top-fill e-liquid system. The Crown 4 also boasts innovative, fully patented self-cleaning technology in which the coils are able to absorb excess e-liquid into a separate condensation chamber which can then be vaped later on.

The Crown 4’s atomiser coils also utilise a pioneering Pro Flavour Core Optimisation System, or Pro-FOCS, which recycles air through the atomiser core twice in order to fully saturate the draw with flavour. There is even a handy drip tip plug which prevents dust and debris from entering the mouthpiece when not in use.


2ml e-liquid capacity

Stainless Steel Construction

Pyrex Glass

Gold-Plated 510 Connection

810 Drip Tip

What's in the Box:

 1 x Uwell Crown IV (4) Tank
1 x Spare Glass Tube
1 x 0.4ohm Dual SS904L Coil (Rated for 60-70w)
1.0.2ohm Dual SS904L Coil (Rated for 70-80w)
1 x Pack of O-Rings
1 x User Manual
1 x Drip Tip Cover

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Ten of the Best Vape Pens in 2021

The year has barely got its socks on but already the flurry of exciting new vaping products that have arrived in 2021 has been dizzying. Yet there remains one form factor in particular that never gets left behind by fashion or ever-evolving technology. We’re talking about the classic, ever-popular, always-reliable Vape Pen.

Sleek, slim, simple to use and with ergonomics so perfect they could make door handles weep, Vape Pens remain the kit of choice for millions of vapers, drawn to the svelte looks and straightforward performance that pen vapes provide.

These days, there’s a vape pen for every kind of vaper, from pocket-friendly ‘stealth’ vapes to beefy sub-ohm cloud factories. However, the majority of vape pens still offer lower power outputs via internal batteries which means that they utilise higher resistance coils.

As such, you’ll find that many vape pens are best used with high-PG, 50/50 and nicotine salt eliquids for a great MTL (Mouth to Lung) style vape sensation. Vape pens’ versatility continues to improve however, thanks to low resistance coils being made available for existing kits that can handle higher wattages and high-VG juices for a satisfying DL (Direct Lung) experience.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Vape Pens currently available at Vapestore from some of the biggest names in vaping as well as the latest challengers.

The eGo AIO e-cig kit is vape pioneers Joyetech’s first foray into the ‘all in one’ device market, and the result is a superb device that ticks all the boxes for a pen-style kit: slim and discreet, simple to use and a great carrier for flavour. But Joyetech have crammed a few more tricks into the eGo that really takes it to the next level.

The eGo features an innovative leak-resistant tank with a rotatable top-mounted airflow for extra control over your vape. The eGo utilises Joyetech’s excellent BF atomizer heads, which are available in different resistances to alter the vaping experience to suit your preference. For a little extra dazzle, the Joyetech eGo features an indicator light that illuminates the tank as you vape in multiple colours – definitely a talking point among fellow vapers.

With an integrated 1500mAh battery, the eGo lasts all day and its one-button operation makes it a breeze to use, to say nothing of how stylish it looks and how comfortable it is in the hand.


Battery capacity - 1500mAh

Tank capacity - 2ml (TPD)

Atomizer resistance - 1.5ohm

Dimensions - 19mm x 118.05mm

Available in five colours

What's In The Box

1 x Joyetech eGo AIO Vape Device

2 x BF atomizer heads

1 x USB charging cable

1 x User manual

The unique and eye-catching Freemax Twister kit consists of a powerful yet streamlined 80-watt device and the high-performing Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank. The Fireluke 2 tank boasts patented 360 e-liquid feeding technology and a slide-to-open top-fill design, making the task of refilling with e-liquid extremely fast, easy and clean. Adjustable bottom airflow allows you to fine-tune the style and strength of your inhale to suit your unique preferences.

The Freemax Twister features a built-in advanced chipset which provides multiple safety protections and an unbelievably fast firing speed of 0.01 seconds. A clear LED light located within the firing button indicates various working conditions and will flash to signify the current battery status of your device, helping you to keep track of your charge and ensure your device is performing exactly how it should be.

Powered by a 2300mAh battery, the Twister packs a lot of power into a slimline, pocket-friendly kit and is capable of reaching up to 80 watts of power. You can switch between 5 and 80 watts with a simple twist of the base of the battery until you find a wattage which suits your individual style.


(Twister Mod) Size: 24.7×101.6mm

Battery Capacity: 2300mAh internal

Output: 5-80w

Resistance Range: 0.1-3ohm

(Fireluke 2 Tank) Size: 24×47.8mm

Capacity: 2ml

810 Drip Tip

Slide top fill

What's In The Box

Freemax Twister 80W mod

Freemax Fireluke 2 tank

X2 mesh coil (pre-installed)

X1 mesh coil

Spare parts

USB Cable

User manual

With a casual glance, Innokin’s sleek Jem device actually looks like a pen. Such is the pure and simple aesthetic; the Jem is perhaps the best incarnation of everything we love about pen-style vape kits.

Incredibly simple to operate, the Jem Pen boasts a twist-top refill system which requires nothing more than a straightforward twist to remove the mouthpiece and access the 2ml e-liquid tank beneath. A handy ‘drip window’ allows you to see exactly how much e-liquid is in your tank, effectively preventing the issue of overfilling.

Two compatible coil options with resistances of 1.6ohm (kanthal) and 2.0ohm (ceramic) are optimised at 13watts to provide a smooth, flavoursome draw with every single inhale. You can switch between these coil options with ease to reflect the style vape you fancy at that particular time.

The Jem Pen is driven by a 1000mAh battery which, when fully-charged, should provide an entire day of vaping with normal to moderate use. A tri-colour LED light located on the power button will indicate your current battery charge level, so you always know exactly when to charge your device.


1000mAh battery capacity

2ml eliquid capacity

Adjustable wattage from 10-13.5W

Convenient top-fill tank

Adjustable airflow

Available in 6 colours

What’s In the Box

1 x Innokin Jem 1000mAh Battery1 x 2ml AIO Tank 2ml
1 x 1.6ohm Kanthal Coil
1 x 2.0ohm Ceramic Coil
1 x Delrin Drip Tip
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

A precision-engineered wonder, the Eleaf iJust continues to be an incredibly popular pen-style vape from one of the most trusted vape manufacturers in the business. Simplicity is at the core of what makes this such a beloved pen vape. Just a single fire button is all you need to operate the iJust, and with an impressive 1500mAh internal battery the iJust can perform all day between charges. The iJust AIO can fire at three different outputs to tailor the device to your preferred intensity.

The tank that crowns the iJust is wonder of smart design. You can find the best airflow by simply twisting the whole pod section. It also features the easiest way of refilling of any kit of its kind. There’s no need to take out the pod, just twist until you reveal the refill port.

Replacing Eleaf’s excellent GT coil is simple too; just pop out the old coil and the new one fits smoothly into place with a gentle push. The iJust AIO’s 0.3ohm coils deliver an enormously flavoursome vape with a satisfying, slightly restricted MTL draw.


22mm x 102.5mm
59.5g weight
2ml E-liquid Capacity
1500mAh Battery Capacity
23W max Output Wattage
0.3Ω-3Ω Resistance Range

Available in four colours

What's In The Box

1 x iJust AIO
1 x USB Cable
1 x Warranty Card
1 x GT M 0.6Ω Coil
1 x User Manual

Another pod device to draw inspiration from pen-style vapes, the Wenax is a marvellous entry from GeekVape into the world of pods and a radical departure from that firm’s rugged, uncompromising aesthetic. Gone are the aggressive edges and industrial grunt, in are smooth, svelte looks and an ultra-lightweight body.

Powered by an impressive 1100mAh battery, the Wenax Stylus gives you a full day of vaping combined with incredible flavour and performance. Highly-versatile, you can operate the Wenax by pressing the button for a higher power output with intense flavour or autodraw for a sublimely smooth vape sensation.

With GeekVape’s pre-installed 0.6ohm G.coil you can enjoy high-VG liquids for a combination of great cloud production and exquisite flavour.


Auto fire: 0.6ohm(14/15/16W),1.2ohm(9/10/11w)
Button fire: 0.6ohm(16W),1.2ohm(11W)
Coil resistance: 0.5-3ohm
Battery capacity: 1100mAh
Charging specification: Micro USB 5V 1A
Longest vaping time: 10S

Available in four colours

What's In The Box

1 x Wenax Stylus Kit (Pre-installed: G Coil 0.6ohm Mesh Coil)
1 x G Coil Pod 1.2ohm
1 x Coil tool
1 x Delrin drip tip
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

Aspire have been turning out great pen kits for years, but the Pockex represents the pinnacle of the vape pioneer’s bullpen and is a fantastic introduction to the world of Sub-Ohm vaping.

The PockeX blends a sleek, slim and ultra-portable design with foolproof simplicity and great performance with a reliable 1500mAh battery for all-day use. There’s little to fiddle with on the PockeX; as an all-in-one kit, there’s no need to remove the tank at all. To change coils or refill with e-liquid you simply unscrew the top cap and replace when you’re done.

The PockeX utilises Aspire’s U-tech range of coils and comes with 0.6-ohm coil pre-installed and another spare. Combined with the non-adjustable yet perfectly-calibrated airflow, the PockeX delivers a beautifully smooth, flavourful and satisfying MTL (mouth-to-lung) style vape. The PockeX AIO kit is simply one of the best kits we’ve come across for new vapers after a no-nonsense device that delivers a satisfying vape in a super-compact and sturdy build.

The PockeX is also compatible with 1.2Ohm coils, available here.


Top airflow system
Top fill tank
Mouth to Lung e-cig starter kit 
Leak-proof design

Available in five colours

What's In The Box

1 x Aspire PockeX AIO Vape Kit
1 x 0.6ohm Atomizer (1 pre-installed)
1 x 1.2ohm Atomizer
1 x Micro-USB Charge Cable
1 x Aspire PockeX User Manual

The Innokin Gs S MTL Starter Kit is an innovative combination of pen-style vape kit and refillable, replaceable tank device. It also happens to look super-stylish and feels amazing in the hand thanks to premium quality materials and the Go S can easily see you through the day thanks to its 1500mAh internal battery.

Designed for a superb MTL (mouth to lung) vape experience, the Go S novel replaceable tanks. Made from food grade PCTG plastic, the pod features an adjustable airflow to help you home in your preferred draw.

The pod utilises a 1.6-ohm coil wicked with organic cotton and wood pulp, a combination that provides astonishing flavour. When the coil reaches the end of its life you simply replace it with a new one. Easy to fill, the Go S incorporates a handy slide-to-open system that makes refilling the tank a breeze.


2mL Refillable MTL Pod Tank
Sliding Top Fill System - Single Fill Port
Integrated 1.6ohm KA MTL Coil
Multi-Hole Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control Ring - MTL Options
510 Threaded Connection

Available in four colours

What's In The Box

1 x Innokin Go S Mod
1 x Innokin Go S MTL Tank
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

This is where pen kits power up, and Smok’s wildly popular Stick device hauls pen devices into sub-ohm territory with a beefy 80w max power output for dense, luscious clouds and immaculate flavour thanks to the addition of the TFV-Mini V2 tank.

The pocket-friendly tube mod and tank combo is built from quality materials and feels great in the hand with a fire button that’s easy to operate with either a thumb or finger. With a variable wattage range of 5-80w adjusted with a simple twist of the base and a mighty 2,800mAh internal battery, the Smok Stick mod merges reliability with high performance

The Smok Stick 80w comes with a refined version of the popular TFV-Mini tank. The V2 provides all the flavour and superb draw of the original but with extra-handy features like a button-locking side cap and top fill to completely eliminate leaks, as well as a wide and comfortable drip tip.

Click HERE for Compatible Smok Coils


Size: 24.5mm x 95mm

Battery capacity: 2,800mAh

Output: 5-80W

Power modes: Variable Wattage

Resistance range: 0.15-2.5ohm

Twist base for output selection

LED indicator

Available in five colours

What’s in the Box

Smok Stick 80W Vape Device

2ml (TPD) TFV Mini V2 Tank

Mini V2 S1 Stainless Steel 0.15 Ohm Mesh Coil

Mini V2 S2 Stainless Steel 0.15 Ohm Quadruple Coil

User Manual

USB Charging Cable

Spare Parts

One of the most powerful pen kits ever made, Innokin’s Plexar boasts 100 watts max power output from an external, replaceable 20700 battery. The Plexar utilises Innokin’s brand-new Plex3D coil technology. These unique coils are designed with economical ‘micro-grooves’ which use less power to fuel more puffs and huge vapour production. Constructed from eco-friendly wood pulp, the Plex3D coils are capable of wicking far quicker than standard coils and can also dramatically enhance the flavour quality of your e-juice.

Crafted from a durable and attractive copper exterior, the Plexar is sturdy enough to withstand the knocks and scrapes of everyday use and travel whilst also being slimline enough to fit into your bag or pocket.

The Plex tank included with the kit is fitted with a Scion Plex3D coil with a resistance of 0.14ohms for luxurious sub ohm vaping between 60 and 100 watts. The Plex tank offers clean and convenient vaping thanks to a top-filling system and also features adjustable airflow.


Battery Capacity: 20700 / 18650 (not included)

E Liquid Capacity: 2.0 ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Maximum Output Wattage: 100W

Short circuit, over heat, overcharge protection

What’s in the Box

1 x Plexar Mod
1 x Plex Tank
1 x 0.14ohm Plex3d Coil
1 x 18650 Adaptor
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x Spare Glass
1 x Spare O-Ring Set
1 x Quick Start Guide

With a battery capacity of 1300mAh, the T18EII boasts 30% more power than its predecessor, the Endura T18, allowing for some serious vapour production and amazing flavour.  Unlike most pen-style kits which generally only have pre-set modes, the T18EII allows you to select your preferred heat and airflow settings from a variety of options for a tailored vape which suits your exact preferences.

Three LED lights located above the firing button indicate battery status each time you draw on the device, letting you know exactly when it’s time to recharge. The mouthpiece is kept clean and hygienic thanks to a magnetic cover which conveniently attaches to the bottom of the device when not in use.

The Innokin T18EII uses Innokin's excellent Innokin Endura T18-E Coils.


1300 mAh endura T18 2 battery

2ml top fill prism tank (UK version)

Magnetic cap

Air-flow control

3 power settings

Available in four colours

What’s in the Box

1 x Innokin Endura T18II Battery
1 x Innokin Endura T18II Tank 1.8ml
2 x Innokin T18E Prism 1.5ohm Coils
1 x Magnetic Drip Tip Cover
1 x Spare Drip Tip
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Pack of Spare O-Rings
1 x User Manual

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The newest iteration of Smok's groundbreaking Pod Kit, the Smok Nord 2 improves on the original in every way

If you look at any big development in vaping over the last few years, chances are Smoktech got there first. And if they didn’t, a new Smok kit was only seconds behind, redefining and improving a niche so that their kit became the definitive device. Think of the Smok Species for sub-ohm kits, or the Smok Stick pen-style kit and Priv for starter kits, to name just a few.

But when pod kits exploded onto the scene, drawing vapers to their compact style, versatility and simplicity, there was really only one kit that anyone was talking about. The Smok Nord pod kit.

That slim, sleek slice of vaping heaven captured the hearts of millions of vapers, spawning countless imitators. For a company that is always innovating, however, we knew it wouldn’t take long to see a new improved Nord from Smoktech. Fortunately, the wait is over and the new Smok Nord 2 is everything you love about the original with some terrific improvements made where it matters most.

What's in the Box:

1x Nord 2 Pod Device

1x RPM Pod With RPM Mesh Coil 0.4ohm (2ml)

1x Nord Pod With Nord DC MTL Coil 0.8ohm (2ml)

1x Micro USB Cable

1 User Manual


Size: 95x30.5x20mm

Output Power Range: 1-40W

Built-in 1500mAh Battery

Resistance Range: 0.3-3.0ohm

69 Inch OLED Display

Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V

Standby Current: <50uA

Charging: DC5V/1.2A

Single Button Easy Operation

Micro USB Port For Charging


The classic Nord pod kit design is all about simplicity and that’s carried over to the latest version. The same smooth corners and rounded lozenge shape remains, although you’ll find the Nord 2 just a little but thicker than before to house a vastly improved battery capacity (more on that in a moment.) This makes little difference, and even arguably makes the new Nord that little bit more comfortable to grip than before.

The Nord 2 comes emblazoned in a variety of eye-catching designs, from understated black through white, wood effect and shimmering rainbow panels. Externally, the Nord 2 goes for plastic over fancier materials like zinc alloy, but this just lends it a smooth tactility that makes it a pleasure to use. And at 95mm tall, the Nord 2 is as pocketable as before and even, remarkably, weighs a gram less than the original.

The Mod

Perhaps the most significant departure from the original Nord is with the Nord 2’s dramatically improved battery. It now has a whopping 1400mAh capacity, about 400mAh more than its predecessor, virtually guaranteeing all-day longevity. For a device this size, that’s pretty amazing.

New too, is the addition of a variable wattage function over the original’s three power modes, enabling you to dial up or down to find the best wattage for the coil you use and style you vape. To assist this, the Nord 2 now boasts a 0.69inch OLED screen so you can see what wattage you’re using along with battery charge, puff counter and resistance.


With a new output of up to 40w, there can be no doubt that the new Nord 2 provides that extra versatility the original lacked. With several safety features baked into the Nord 2’s advanced chipset, as well as the ability to intelligently detect the coil you’re using and match the correct wattage, the new Nord 2 mod is easily the most complete Nord yet.

A single button turns the device on/off with five clicks, and three clicks activates wattage adjustment which can be fine-tuned with single clicks or held to climb rapidly through the output level.

The Pods

The now iconic wide lipped ‘duck-billed’ pods of the Smok Nord bring superior comfort to a seamless design. On the new Nord 2, they’re just a little wider but every bit as comfortable to use as before. The kit provides two kinds of pods: one for use with the Nord Coils and one for use with the Smok’s RPM coils. The difference is a matter of the size of the hole the coils easily ’plug’ into and which coil is indicated on the rubber seal, but it speaks to the new Nord’s versatility that this is a device built to tailor precisely to the way you want to use it.

Despite having air vents on the pod, however, the Nord 2 doesn’t offer airflow control. This is more than compensated for by the largest selection of coils available to any pod kit on the market. With every coil across the Nord and RPM lines offering a distinctly different experience in terms of draw, flavour intensity and cloud production, a little experimentation will help you achieve exactly the kind of airflow you prefer.

The Coils

Where the original Nord limited you to using just the Nord’s own coils, the Nord 2 opens up a realm of possibilities with the ability to use the coils from the RPM range as well as the Nord coils. So, whereas the Nord was mostly a great mouth-to-lung (MTL) kit, the extra options provided by the RPM coils mean you can take the Nord 2 into direct-to-lung (DTL) sub-ohm territory for some truly incredible clouds while still enjoying the remarkable flavour. It’s pretty much the best of all worlds in a device not much bigger than a cigarette lighter. (Learn more about MTL and DTL vaping here.)


For all-day use, the Smok Nord 2 easily beats it closest rival – the original Nord pod kit – in terms of flavour, clouds and versatility. Using the enclosed 0.8ohm coil delivered an incredible MTL vape that was smooth and flavoursome, and using the adjustable wattage we could put some serious power through the coil for even more flavour. The enclosed RPM 0.4ohm coil on the other hand would appeal to any restricted DTL-style vapour, with rich voluminous clouds and pin-sharp flavour.

Having that extra battery capacity makes a huge difference in everyday use too, as a full charge easily lasted us throughout a long and busy day.

Should I upgrade from the Smok Nord to the Smok Nord 2?

There’s no doubt the original Smok Nord remains a game-changing pod kit, combining great performance in a simple, compact device. But the improvements and additions to the new Smok Nord 2 can’t help but make it the more attractive device for anyone that loves the simplicity of the original but is looking for more control and customisation. That extra power lifts the Smok Nord 2 to the beefy heights of more advanced Pod Mod kits, as does the new OLED screen and smarter chipset. Where the Smok Nord 2 really shines, though, is with the facility to use any of the coils across Smok’s Nord and RPM ranges, meaning there’s virtually no limit to the different types of vaping experience you can get out of the kit.

Vape Review: GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Mod

The most rugged Pod Mod on the market, the Aegis Boost can survive any environment while delivering amazing flavour with power to spare

2019 was a busy year for GeekVape, one of the most venerable and innovative vape companies in the industry. The Chinese firm closed the decade with a veritable barrage of ever more powerful and beautifully crafted devices, as well as refining their best-loved lines such as the Aegis range which boasts some of their most feature-packed mods and tanks in rhino-tough designs. Last year alone, Vapestore received the mighty 200w Aegis X mod, the cloud-hurling Aegis Legend mod and the best-selling Aegis Mini mod and sub-ohm tank.

Not to be outdone by the likes of the Smok RPM40 or the Voopoo Vinci, however, GeekVape also introduced their first pod mod, the Aegis Boost. If you haven’t yet come across pod mods, think compact all-in-one devices that offer the convenience of refillable pod kits with powerful mods that contain a host of useful features.

What's in the box:

1 x Aegis Boost Mod

1 x Aegis Boost Pod

1 x Spare Drip-Tip

1 x Coil Removal Tool

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x 0.4Ω Mesh Coil (25-33w)

1 x 0.6Ω Mesh Coil (15-25w)



Size: 106.8 x 39.2 x 27.7mm

Built-in 1500mAh Battery

Output Power Range 5-40W

0.42-inch OLED Display

5V / 1.5A Fast Charging System

Micro USB Port For Firmware Upgrading And Charging


The Aegis Boost shares its rugged, multi-faceted design with its Aegis stablemates as well as GeekVape’s choice of premium materials that include food grade silicone rubber for sealing and waterproofing, corrosion-resistant Zinc alloy body frame, and tear-resistant leather sleeve. The Boost even employs a handy plastic cap to protect the drip tip.

For sheer aesthetics, though, there simply isn’t a pod kit like it, with its striking contours and silicone and metal panels paired with precision-engineered ergonomics that makes the Boost fit the hand wonderfully.

At only 120 grams and a little over 10cm in height, the Boost is as light and pocket-friendly as it is robust and stylish.


The Pod

The 2ml pod features a super-comfortable drip tip – protected by that cap we’ve already mentioned – and an easy top-fill system for replenishing your e-liquid. It also boasts a unique air flow valve you can use to precisely dial in your preferred draw with a simple twist; a feature we expect will be greatly imitated on similar devices in 2020.

Unlike other pod mods, the pod on the Aegis eschews magnets and fixes in place with a reliable lock and release clasp. Click it into place and this pod isn’t going anywhere, which is yet another reason why the Aegis Boost is particularly well-suited to those who like energetic, outdoor sports and activities.

The Coils

The Aegis Boost comes with two different coils to suit either MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping and DTL (Direct to Lung), and each coil nails those two styles perfectly, helped by the mod’s 40w power output that allows most vapers to find a power output that suits them. Learn more about DTL and MTL vaping here.

The 0.3 ohm coil is recommended at 25-33w and is suited to thicker, high-VG sub-ohm liquids, whilst the 0.6 ohm coil is recommended for use at a lower 15-25w and can handle classic high-PG, nic salt and 50/50 e-liquids. Both are push-to-fit style coils which makes swapping them out a breeze.


The Mod

The Aegis Boost mod itself is simple and functional with a fire button, up-down keys and a clear OLED display that reads wattage, resistance and battery capacity. Under the hood there’s the newest GeekVape AS chipset that allows for super-fast firing and a host of safety features including over-discharge, short circuit protection, over-current and overcharge protection. Packing a 1500mAh built-in battery, the Aegis Boost easily lasted us a whole day of sustained use



The Aegis Boost proved equally impressive using both types of coils, providing a rich, warm direct-lung vape and a supremely satisfying mouth-to lung vape no matter what liquid we threw at it. Flavours just sing on this device. From piquant menthols to zesty sweet fruits, dense and sugary desserts to classic tobaccos; the Aegis Boost pod mod simply excels on flavour. As far as cloud production goes, the Boost doesn’t quite compete with the muscular sub-ohm kits but vaping on the pod mod still gave us satisfying clouds.


With pod mods proving so popular among both new and experienced vapers thanks to their power, versatility and ease-of-use, the Aegis Boost by GeekVape adds even more. It’s a device that delivers superb flavour along with distinctive design, portability and super-tough build quality, and can be carried (and enjoyed) in just about any environment.


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Review: Six Licks Nic Salt E-Liquid

With their latest batch of Senses e-liquids making waves in the vape industry, UK producer Six Licks continues to build on the phenomenal success of their original clutch of astonishing e-juices. Now available at Vapestore in a nic salt, 50VG / 50PG formulation, we thought we’d dive back in and rediscover what makes Six Licks’ original award-winning liquids so good.

Nicotine Salts e-liquids offer a higher nicotine dose and smoother throat hit making them ideal for vapers who have recently quit smoking and who require that familiar draw and sensation to transition smoothly. Best used in starter and pod kits, nic salts strike a great balance between flavour and immediate relief from nicotine cravings.

Liquid Gold Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

Right in time for autumn, Liquid Gold takes the best of the season’s fruit flavours and mingles them together into a truly intoxicating brew that evokes the orchard and hedgerow. We love how the gentle apple flavour plays off the sharp bite of blackcurrant – a combination common to e-liquids but rarely so well-balanced as it is here. The authentic raspberry flavour dominates the exhale in sublime fashion, bringing all the notes together under a layer of sweet, sugary jam.

Bite the Bullet Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

With Bite the Bullet, Six Licks cement their reputation for daring, complex flavours with an intriguing cocktail of fruit, aniseed and menthol. It’s blackcurrant that flies the fruit flag here and rings the same note we could taste in their Liquid Gold juice; tart with an authentic, sour berry sweetness. Its an odd match for the spicy aniseed that rides along on the inhale but, we have to say, utterly delicious. That subtle, spicy fire is beautifully tempered by the cooling menthol released on the exhale, and the whole juice really benefits from this nic salt solution with its easy, satisfying throat hit.

Melon on my Mind Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

Melon is a notoriously difficult flavour to get right in vaping, with its delicate, perfumed sweetness and sub-tropical mellow tang. Fortunately, Six Licks have nailed it with an uncanny presence of real honeydew melon; sweet, fresh and succulent. The addition of menthol here could have been overpowering but instead it just complements the soothing cool you’d expect from ripe melon chilled over ice.

Love Bite Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

If citrus is your thing, Six Licks’ award-winning Love Bite won’t let you down. Juicy blood orange is the dominant flavour here, and Six Licks have captured both the sunny, sweet flesh and slightly bitter zest with expert precision. With the addition of a succulent, gently sour slice of grapefruit, this juice is mouth-wateringly moreish and, for a non-menthol juice, very refreshing. If you love fruit e-liquids, particularly citrus, Love Bite is a delicious no-brainer.

Bluemonia Nic Salt E-Liquid by Six Licks

Possibly our favourite of Six Lick’s menthol-laced e juices, Bluemonia is a cooling cocktail of raspberry and blueberry with that jolt of ice on the exhale. The fruit here is a delicious blend evocative of an icy slush drink, but without the cloying candy sweetness of similar juices. Instead the fruit is rich, pleasingly sweet and a touch sour – more raspberry than blueberry, perhaps – and the nic salt formulation once again works wonders with the menthol for a lovely throat hit.

Truth or Pear Nic Salt E-liquid by Six Licks

Finally we have Truth or Pear, a beautifully layered concoction that delivers a powerful, zesty lime on the inhale that softens into a juicy, mellow pear and soothingly sweet strawberry on the exhale. Rather than collapsing into an ill-defined slosh of flavours, each fruit is realised perfectly which makes it no surprise that Truth or Pear won Six Licks the “Fruit of the Show” award at Vaper Expo this year.

Behind the Brand

One of the fastest growing e-liquid brands in the UK, Six Licks vape juices can be found in the tanks of vapers across four continents – when they’re not hoovering up industry awards. With a talent for clean, innovative flavours, Six Licks promote a lifestyle synonymous with their fun, loud, flavoursome liquids. Look out for their recently launched sub-brand Senses as well as the award-winning flavours Six Licks have already made their name with.

Find out more at www.sixlicks.com