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SMOK Vape Tanks




Since its inception in 2010, Smok has solidified a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of vape hardware in the world. Here at Vapestore we’re fully-stocked with all of Smok’s standout products and bestsellers, which combined with our expert knowledge, will instantly enhance the performance of your e-cigarette setup.


Baby Prince Stick Sub Ohm

This impressive sub-ohm stick from Smok provides 2000mAh of power in a sleek and stylish design.



Mag Sub-Ohm Vape Kit

SMOK's most ergonomic and comfortable design featuring a unique "trigger-pull" firing button.



T-Priv 220 Vape Kit

Appealing futuristic Sci-Fi looks and 200 watts of pure power. The latest vape mod from Smok's H-Priv/G-Priv Mod series.



T-Priv 3 Sub-Ohm Kit

The Smok T-Priv 3 is an impressive and powerful device which provides 300w of output power and features the TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm tank.




Smok’s consistency in creating innovative, high-performing products makes it a firm favourite among vapers of all levels, and products such as the 2016 Alien kit set the precedent for design, shape and the potential capabilities of a dual 18650 mod.

Vape hardware companies the world over quickly followed suit, creating a legion of like-minded products mimicking Smok’s design and functionality. None however quite match up to the effortless capabilities of tried and tested Smok hardware, and as such they continue to be consistent forerunners in an increasingly-competitive industry.


The TFV8 Baby Beast tank which accompanied the ground-breaking Alien kit is now over two years old and is therefore generally considered aged in the ever-evolving vaping world. However, despite its age the tank is still widely sold and used globally - a true testament to its performance and quality of construction.

Equally as innovative and respected is Smok’s V8 Stick Starter kit, which was a benchmark product in the sub ohm genre. The kit was the first of its kind to take on a pen-style format without compromising on tank size, and popularised sub ohming on a large scale by making the practise comprehendible and inclusive.

Another ground-breaking Smok creation is the Cloud Beast tank, which comfortably reaches 80-100 watts of power with both premade and standardised coils. The tank is particularly revolutionary for its compatibility with RBA coils, which allows users to build and customise their own coils for a completely tailored vaping experience.


The Smok Prince Stick kit builds upon the high standards set by the V8 Stick kit by incorporating simplicity with power. With no settings to decipher or adjust, operation is as straightforward as filling up the tank with your favourite e-liquid - and vaping! True to their reliable nature, Smok have not compromised on safety in the pursuit of simple functionality, with short-circuit and overheating protection ensuring a safe user experience.

The Smok Pro Colour is another stand-out kit revered for its ease of use and advanced capabilities. With its generously-sized LED screen customisation is extremely straightforward, as users can tailor their vaping experience to their exact tastes and preferences.

The Mag kit is perhaps Smok’s most unique offering to date, boasting a pistol-style grip and innovative ergonomic design. The Mag embodies the type of versatility which has now become synonymous with Smok products, with built-in modes offering differing styles of vaping to suit your particular needs. Temp Mode enhances the consistency and flavour of every inhalation, whilst Wattage Mode provides the kind of power to satisfy even the most seasoned of sub-ohmers.
The smart, slick X-Priv kit has received massive acclaim thanks to its elegant streamlined design and consistently-impressive performance. 225w of maximum output power makes for some serious vapour production and flavour payoff, and much like many Smok kits the X-Priv comes complete with the ever-reliable Prince tank. This kit is perfect for those seeking a classy, sophisticated device – without compromising on clouds!


TFV8 Baby Vape Tank

Mini version of the successful TFV8 Cloud Beast


TFV12 Baby Prince Tank

The TFV12 Prince Tank is an upgrade of Smok's highly popular TFV8 tank. It has an improved top fill cap and a useful cap locking mechanism.


TFV8 X-Baby Vape Tank

2ml e-liquid capacity with a U-shaped, top airflow design.


TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Tank

Powerful all-rounder sub-ohm tank capable of producing high clouds and rich flavour.


Eleaf Brand Vape Kits Vape Tanks and Vape Coils available at Vapestore

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