Watermelon Chill E-Liquid Short fill

Treat your taste buds to instant refreshment with this cool watermelon and menthol vape.  

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Element E-Liquid Watermelon Chill 50ml Short Fill

Element’s e-liquid shortfill in Watermelon Chill is the perfect summertime blend, regardless of whether you're enjoying the hot weather or just dreaming about it! A sweet and refreshing medley of juicy watermelon with a hint of rejuvenating mint,Watermelon Chill is ideal for reclining back and taking long, luxurious inhales as the scent of delicately-minted fruit perfumes the air!

This uplifting vape juice is supplied in a convenient 50ml bottle which is ideal for adding a nicotine shot to achieve your desired strength. Simply add your nic shot directly into the 50ml bottle to reflect your current nicotine consumption, then enjoy the seriously-satisfying taste of summer.  

Technical Details

50ml E-Liquid  
70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG)
Available in 0mg only.
Suitable for sub-ohm devices only.


Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics