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Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils

Pack of 5

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Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils

A convenient 5-pack of Kanger's SSOCC replacement coils. Wicked with organic Japanese cotton, these coils are designed to provide pure flavour and taste for an excellent vape. These replacement atomizers are compatible with any tank that currently takes the OCC Coils.

Kanger SSOCC NiCr (Red seal)
These NiCr coils are the new and improved version of the Kanger OCC, and feature a Nichrome wire coil. Thanks to their cylindrical shape they take up less space and volume in the tank compared to their cuboid shaped counterparts. Compatible with any tank that currently takes the OCC Coils.

Kanger SSOCC NI200 (Blue seal)
These Ni200 coils are designed specifically for use with Kanger's Subtank range of tank systems. The Ni200 coils are available with a resistance of 0.15ohm and operate in a range of 20W to 45W. These SSOCC Ni200 coils are made with genuine organic Japanese cotton, which provides a clean, pure taste. Because of their larger heating surface area, the SSOCC coils last significantly longer than other models, making them ideal for vaping with more powerful mods.

Kanger SSOCC SS316L (Pink seal)
These low carbon SS316L SSOCC coils are made with high quality stainless steel and are capable of producing immense vapour clouds. Fabricated with 100% Japanese Organic Cotton wicking material for a truer, purer flavour. The Kangertech SSOCC 316L Atomizer Heads are made for use with temperature control and sensing devices. In Temperature Control (TC) Mode, these atomizer heads will allow your device to regulate the coil's temperature, which gives you the option to customize the temperature of the vapour produced. The temperature can be increased for those who enjoy warmer hits, or lessened if you prefer cooler ones. In addition, the ability to adjust the temperature of the coil virtually eliminates burnt hits, which is a problem often experienced with conventional atomizer coils.

Kanger SSOCC Clapton (Black seal)
These Clapton coils consists of a base wire wrapped in a thinner gauge of wire, which creates a greater surface area and in turn allows for improved vapour and flavour production.

What's in the box
1 x 5-pack Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils

Tec Spec
0.5ohm or 0.15ohm resistance
Japanese organic cotton
Compatible with KangerTech tanks; Subtank Toptank Mini, Subtank Toptank Nano, Subtank Plus, NEBOX Kit, SubVod Kit, TopBox Kit (Mini & Nano)

About Kanger
Established in 2007, Kanger is a prolific Chinese manufacturer and among the most trusted names in the industry, well known for their innovation, especially in the sub-ohm sector.