How do vape kits work?

Vape kits are made up of multiple parts, they all have specific purposes that are easy to understand. The battery is housed in the main body of the vape kit and it’s used to power the coil as well as any added extras your kit may have such as a touch-screen (if using a box mod kit). The coil is the heating element, a similar concept to the heating element you’d find in a kettle. The clearomizer and/or the tank is the part where the e-liquid is filled into. The coil heats up and turns the e-liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled via the mouth piece at the top of the kit.


There are two types of vape inhalation, and which one you do is dictated by the type of e-liquid and vape kit you’re using. The first method is ‘Mouth to Lung Inhalation’, this is the same method that smokers use with cigarettes which is where you inhale the vapour in your mouth first, and then inhale again into your lungs. The second method is ‘Direct to Lung’ which is when your inhale from the vape kit straight into your lungs.

Mouth to lung vaping will give you a better throat hit, which will provide the same sensation that a smoker will be used to. It will also likely make your e-liquid last longer than it would if you were vaping direct to lung. Direct to lung vaping is mostly used by hobby vape users looking for large clouds. If you were direct to lung vaping, you’d need to go with a low nicotine or a nicotine-free e-liquid otherwise it could cause coughing or unpleasant sensations

The different types of vape kit.

With so many different forms of vaping paraphernalia it can be tricky for someone to decide what’s the right kit for them. Knowing which vape kit is the right one for you is dependent on your own personal reasons for vaping and how you intend to start making the switch. We also recommend you read our section on what e-liquids are so you can learn more about what the different liquids do.

Using a high PG liquid, such as our Vapouriz Classic range will mean that you’re best off using a Pod Kit. Pod kits will have a lower wattage than other kits, which makes them suitable for vapourising the thinner e-liquids. If you were to use a box mod vape kit with a higher wattage, you could risk burning the liquid too fast which could cause an unpleasant vaping experience, so making sure you have the right kit for your e-liquid is vital. Pod kits are very easy to use, with the e-liquid being contained in small pods that you can swap in and out of your kit quick and easily.

Pen Vape Kits are very accessible for the novice vaper and available in more advanced styles for those that are more experienced with vaping, but perhaps prefer a smaller kit when compared to some of the larger box style kits. Pen kits are relatively inexpensive and with the decent battery life and ease of use they make for a very popular and subtle looking kit.

Box mods are the most customisable of the vape kits, with the owner being able to swap out different parts to make their kit suited exactly to their needs and wants. This does mean that there is a higher learning curve to get into box mods when compared to pen or pod kits, however the payoffs are more choices in flavour, complete customisability and a lot more extra features. For example, some box mods include a touch screen on the kit to monitor things like the battery charge and manually alter settings. Box mods are also capable of a much higher wattage and therefore are the only type of kit able to vapourise e-liquids that have a high VG content to produce large amounts of vapour with a very smooth feel. The ‘Throat Hit’ sensation is much lesser when vaping from a box mod, and for someone that is switching over from smoking and they’re looking to retain that feeling when vaping, it might be the case a pod kit is more suitable for them.


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