How does an e-cigarette work?

Perhaps you’re a beginner and new to vaping e-cigarettes, or maybe you’ve experienced others vaping around you and are simply curious as to how an e-cigarette works.

Electronic Cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, have been shown to be ‘at least 95% less harmful’ than smoking traditional cigarettes, says Public Health England.*


Some e-cigarettes are often designed to look and feel like a regular cigarette to help make the transition for new users easier. Although the appearance of some e-cigarettes may look similar to traditional cigarettes, when it comes to how they work they couldn’t be more different.

E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and they do not require a match or flame to light them. The main component of an e-cigarette is the battery, which powers the whole device. Batteries vary in power and as such different types of kit require different types of batteries to safely power them. More advanced kits tend to have removable batteries which can be charged with an external charging device, whilst classic and lower wattage vape kits have built-in batteries that can be charged via USB charging cables. Some examples of classic kits would be the Vapouriz Fuse and the Vapouriz V-Mini.

Another crucial part of an e-cigarette is the coil. Coils are specific to particular tanks/clearomisers and are consumable items which require replacing. Coil resistance is measured in Ohms, which will influence your choice when it comes to buying the right e-liquid for your vape kit. Coils also need to be primed with an e-liquid prior to use in order to avoid the occurrence of ‘dry burning’ and to promote their overall longevity.

There are many different vape kits available on the market today, ranging from classic to sub ohm and differing in size, shape, wattage and functionality. Some kits have advanced features which require detailed knowledge of vaping, but the basic process of how vape kits work remains much the same:

1)            The battery powers the coil

2)            The coil then heats a substance known as e-liquid

3)            The e-liquid is converted into vapour which is then inhaled


Unlike traditional cigarettes, vape kits do not produce any of the harmful chemical-containing smoke which is known to be damaging to the lungs and general health.