About JUUL

JUUL are a refreshingly-unique company with an equally refreshing ethos. Their attention is heavily directed towards providing an alternative product for adult tobacco smokers, but they are also committed to delivering detailed scientific research to their customers so that they can make their own decisions regarding smoking cessation – free from the often-aggressive marketing tactics adopted by other manufacturers.

The JUUL is revolutionising the pod market thanks to its simplicity and ease of use and is effectively aiding thousands of smokers in their quest to quit. Take the first step towards a tobacco-free life today and join the legions of ex-smokers who are already reaping the benefits of the innovative yet blissfully-simple JUUL pod system.

The JUUL Starter Kit.


JUUL Company Ethos

JUUL are committed to providing the necessary tools and education to effectively aid smoking cessation. Thanks to their efforts, new research from the Centre for Substance Use suggests that 64% of adult smokers who have tried the JUUL now no longer smoke, and they have officially been named as the best-selling vape technology in the USA.*

Recognising smoking as the biggest health issue of our time, JUUL decided to create a product which mimicked the action and sensation of smoking as closely as possible.

Avoiding the elaborate and highly-technical designs often seen in other vape kits, the JUUL is minimal, uncluttered and simply does the job.


About Pod Systems

Pod systems are gaining rapid success and popularly in the global vape market thanks to their ease of use and accessibility for all levels of vaper.

Considered as a ‘middle-ground’ product which sits between simple vape starter kits and more complex mods, pod systems are equipped with all the necessary components to start vaping straight away. The coil, wick and e-liquid are self-contained within the pod kit, and generally there are no confusing settings to adjust. Simply click the e-liquid cartridge into place and you’re ready to go.

As well as being highly portable, pod systems also tend to offer higher nicotine levels than standard 10ml bottles. Generally, e-liquids are available in 3-6mg, but pod cartridges are most commonly sold in 24mg, which is particularly beneficial for people looking to quit smoking.

Similar Products

At Vapestore, you can find a wide selection of pod systems similar to the revolutionary JUUL device.


Aspire Spryte


The highly-portable Aspire Spryte kit features adjustable airflow for a completely tailored vaping experience, and a simple push and click system for easy pod replacement.


Aspire Breeze 2


Another great pod kit available from Vapestore is the Aspire Breeze 2 kit, which is ideal for new vapers thanks to its sleek, simple design. The Breeze 2 delivers powerful mouth-to-lung vaping, and features a 1000mAh built-in battery and 2ml e-liquid capacity: everything you need to get you started on your vaping journey.

Smok Nord


Smok’s stylish Nord pod system is an ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight pod kit which looks just as good as it performs. A 1100mAh battery powers this small but capable device, creating generous vapour production and amazing flavour when used with any classic or nic salt e-liquid. The Nord also offers fantastic versatility with two compatible coils included in the kit to facilitate both classic and sub ohm vaping depending on what suits your particular preference.

VGod Stig


For a satisfying and efficient disposable pod kit, we recommend giving the VGod Stig a try. Unlike most vape kits, the Stig has an extremely simple user interface and does away with the need for confusing settings to operate and adjust the device, making this an ideal choice for the novice vaper. Powering on, charging and refilling the tank are issues of the past with the Stig as all you need to do is unwrap the pod from its outer packaging and inhale on the mouthpiece to receive full and satisfying vapour. When your Stig pod reaches the end of its lifespan simply throw it away and open a new one. There are three pods included in a pack and each one is pre-loaded with 1.2ml of 20mg e-liquid. This is equivalent to roughly twenty classic tobacco cigarettes, meaning that each pack will keep you going for the same amount of time as sixty cigarettes. If you’re trying to kick your smoking habit the Stig pod system is a fantastic method of smoking cessation, delivering a generous and satisfying amount of nicotine every time without being overly harsh on the throat.