JUUL Portable Charging Case

Charges your JUUL device when on the go

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Juul Portable Charging Case

This convenient and sturdy portable charging case is specifically designed to charge your Juul pod kit, providing a reliable power supply while you’re vaping on the go.

A robust outer case safeguards your Juul from damage whilst keeping any dust and debris from entering the mouthpiece and compromising the hygiene of your device. The Juul kit itself is inserted into a dedicated slot within the case for a rattle-free fit which remains secure during travel. Whilst in this slot, your Juul will begin charging and a set of indicator lights located at the bottom of the case will illuminate to inform you that the device is charging successfully.

The Juul portable charger comes complete with a USB cable so that you can charge the case sufficiently before you travel. Once fully charged, this case will provide enough power to recharge your Juul up to three times with normal to moderate use.  

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JUUL E Cig Charging Case Features 

Charges your JUUL Vape when on the go
Provides Multiple Charges for your JUUL device on a single charge 
Compact Size fits comfortably into a bag, purse or pocket
Protects your JUUL Starter Kit 


1 x JUUL Portable Charging Case
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

About JUUL

JUUL are a refreshingly-unique company with an equally refreshing ethos. Not only are their attentions directed solely to providing a healthier alternative for adult smokers, but they are committed to providing their customers with detailed scientific research so that they can make their own decisions regarding smoking cessation – free from the often-aggressive marketing tactics seen with other manufacturers.

JUUL’s concern for public health underpins their entire mission, which might help to explain the phenomenal success of their breakthrough product, the JUUL closed pod system. The device is revolutionising the pod market thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, and is effectively aiding thousands of smokers in their quest to quit.

So, take the first step towards a tobacco-free life today and join the legions of ex-smokers who are already reaping the benefits of the innovative yet blissfully-simple JUUL pod system.